Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dive with a LOB

LOB=Live on Board

Meaning, we eat, sleep, dive on the big ship. Saving travelling time from resort to dive spots, and have ample time to bathe and rest before boarding the land transport back to Singapore.

It was yet a fulfilling trip, meeting a handful more new diving friends who bring living to a whole new standard. They believe in what they do, and do what they love, and live the way they like. Jumping out of the frames that often restrain people to their dreams, they inspire and motivate by not thinking too much and lead a Nike's spirit of "Just do it". True blue live life, love life. With courage.

That's one of the best thing you get while diving. Meeting a whole lot of people you won't meet in office, and i still enjoy the balance friends i have on land and at sea:)

A short weekend getaway to Aur and Tioman via LOB, and also my first trip with an UW camera with the courtesy of my long lost buddy :) not fantastic photos but they show what i have been up to underwater at Malaysia=)

Finally, i'm travelling with my gears. No rental no more! Except for reg.

Where we stayed for 3D2N

First UW snapshot

Yellow Tail Barracudas

Hugeass bumphead


Hermit crab upclose

Nudi Brance

Nudi Branch

Sea cucumber, i think

Maze look alike coral

Nudi Branch

Nudi Branch

Nudi Branch

Clownfish aka NEMO ahaa



Muray Eel


Blue Spotted Stingray

Hugeass Muray

Star Cushion


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Enjoying life's every moment now, do join me to live life, love life. Last but not least, welcome my no.1 blogfan to Pledge against Shark's Fins society! "tong gor yat cai ah 同我一起啊"

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