Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Geek in the pink, not

Feeling geeky and wanna pen down some thoughts, without pictures. Not pink cuz I didn't mix my red laundry with white, but wearing blue while typing away in case you wonder!;)

Have been chatting quite a bit with Fel lately and I feel that she matures further (mentally) after marriage. Her wise words never fail to hit me and grows goosebumps on me. The inner world of planning a wedding, the hiccups along the way, the traditions and customary knowledge, the moment when it Belongs to just the two of you. I enjoy listening to the sharing and always looking forward to what she has got to say!;) signs of aging: love to listen to others experiences more. Haha! But I truly appreciate her existence and listening ear:)

I feel strongly when I read about statuses or posts on celebration of marriage, 17th anniversary and even appreciation of mothers. I may have read these before for the past many years, but to read those again before getting married, I can't help but let tears well. So the mom one goes:

At 3: I love you mummy! I wanna stick with u!

At 10: you are very old fashion leh, tsk

At 18: I wanna get out of this house, I hate u

At 25: you were right mum

At 30: I wanna go back to my mum's

At 45: mum pls be healthy, don't leave me

At 60: I miss you very much

See, how not to cry! Currently at the bench mark of 25, can already understand most of it.

And I feel loved recently by the individual girl friends who supported me without a second word, in short, always ready. Sometimes it's not the number of years, but the depth of the friendships. Doubts and bickers, laughters in joy. We've walked through all, love, we all enjoy!

Alright it's a super random post, just wanna end my paragraph with: 感恩:)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Merry belated Christmas

Christmas 2012 was the most heartwarming one ever. First time in my life did I receive a table-ful of gifts! I've heard about the culture and was quite taken aback at the extensive list of people we ought to give present due to formality at first. Anyhow, I prepared coloured popcorns in little bags for everyone! Colorful crafts, fit my philosophy eh;)

Xmas at work

The colourful popcorns!

Handmade cards for the lovely colleagues =)

Such a cutesy little cupcake from muscleman Alvin!

The amount of gifts on the desk! more prezzies poured in after this photo 

Thanks pricing team for the lovely macaroons! though i am not a fan of sweeties ahhaha 

For those who are closer to me got to receive the handmade pegs that shout 'you've got mail' and as they press the end, a short slip of paper that writes my wishes or opinion of them will appear!

Xmas with Thats It

Prior to that, That's It had a celebration at Studio M and Sui was with us! through my lappy's peephole ;P

So we had a list of games going on according to the theme "Geeky Gamblers". With 沉默的羔羊 as bgm, we flew the cards in the air and grab whatever we can to determine our points. 

The geeky 大小games, fortunate (not) blackjack and not so artistic guess-what-I'm-moulding game lead up to the secret santa treasure hunt was a blasting good time! Winners got to sleep on a comfortable (but dirty at the end of the day) bed and enjoy breakfast (not so delicious). Most improtantly, we celebrated full strength in a way! All in all, I think we were fantastic to think of such celebration:)

Xmas with tbf :)

Celebration with JJ was spent at Hotel Re! where we slept most of my half day away (my company had a half day on eve but i was too tired to go party around in town so head back hotel to snore)

After dinner (Room Service), we were finally sober enough to head out! Clarke quay was happening! I caught Ginger bread man and snap a picture with him, with a caption from JJ "Ginger snatching my fiancee!"

We went to Iguana to have favourite frozen margarita:) 

Some pretty colourful fixtures in the hotel, it was a colourful themed venue as well. Suit the Xmas!

Xmas with Mr and Mrs Tan, JW

Last celebration took place on new year's eve where JJ and I got invited to Jowie's place for humble yet tasty dinner. We got hold of the Lava cakes recipe and started working on them! Felt quite good to have the cakes done yummily, aspiring housewife symptom 1. hehe!

 We came to realize that lava cakes go well with vanilla ice cream. Anyway, the following pictures made the ice cream look kinda.. not appealing, but the lava cakes were good we swear!

So that was my Xmas 2012:)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wedding bells for Fel!

And so i am back to blogging!

Apologies for taking such a long break, but yup back with lotsa backlogs!

So what's new in town now? let's see... Candy Crush, Ah Huat white coffee, Ah boys to men 2... and a new MRS!

Fel was my year 1 classmate cum groupmate and we have maintained a steady contact over the years after graduation. It came as a surprise when i was invited to be one of the Jie Meis, little grumbles here and there at first but eventually all turn out nice and sweet! A generous bride i must say, our bridesmaid dresses cost $169 each which she absorbed the $69 for each of us. On top of that, she threw in evening gowns for all jie meis and got a tip off that it costs $100 per pc! We appreciate her generosity like how she appreciate our efforts=)

So the second time being a Jie Mei (first experience dedicated to Mingli), I have a better idea of what to and what not. Our air stewardess bride has gotten an array of disgusting insects-related-food from London to prepare for the gate crashing part. i am so glad i was the jie mei instead of xiong di!

 In order to save some time, we had all the suan tian ku la (sour, sweet, bitter and spicy) to be included into one sandwich so that we have more time to get ang pow LOL!
(Traditionally, groom has to taste the 4 flavours of life before fetching the bride on their wedding day, depicting the endurance and determination to stay together throughout different tastes of life from then onwards)

The auspicious Long Feng candles (Dragon and Phoenix candles) that light up the morning

Yes! That's the bride! After finishing her make-ups, shang tou (little joke: the mum woke up late and only remember to shang tou when she had done the make up and all. hehe no sweat! still completed the proces!)

With all the hoo haa, the groom finally fetched his wife in their little cutesy Volkswagen!!! 

Tiring day for the bride, she smiled to a default expression after few hours! gosh i can so imagine how i will look when it's my turn in December

so the tea ceremony went on and we headed straight to the hotel to freshen up. I went home to get some stuff instead and before we knew it, we've got to start decorating the recept area with the sweet little crafts that Fel had bought/made. Forgot to snap a picture of the area but i swear they look good:)

The lollipop cakes that i recommended Fel! (did an event prior to her wedding and we got customized pops for the show, thought they were quite cute)

Me and Swee Kee, my first friend in HTM, met at TCC (Temasek Convention Centre) 

The Bedok campers

Happy Three Friends!

Hello pal! long time no see:)

The girls power! Sheryl and Jean

Lastly, the group photo of HTMers.  It was nice to catch up with these batchmates and exchange the updates of each other. Proud of you guys who have done HTM proud=) To end off, HTM OEI!!