Sunday, February 24, 2013

Merry belated Christmas

Christmas 2012 was the most heartwarming one ever. First time in my life did I receive a table-ful of gifts! I've heard about the culture and was quite taken aback at the extensive list of people we ought to give present due to formality at first. Anyhow, I prepared coloured popcorns in little bags for everyone! Colorful crafts, fit my philosophy eh;)

Xmas at work

The colourful popcorns!

Handmade cards for the lovely colleagues =)

Such a cutesy little cupcake from muscleman Alvin!

The amount of gifts on the desk! more prezzies poured in after this photo 

Thanks pricing team for the lovely macaroons! though i am not a fan of sweeties ahhaha 

For those who are closer to me got to receive the handmade pegs that shout 'you've got mail' and as they press the end, a short slip of paper that writes my wishes or opinion of them will appear!

Xmas with Thats It

Prior to that, That's It had a celebration at Studio M and Sui was with us! through my lappy's peephole ;P

So we had a list of games going on according to the theme "Geeky Gamblers". With 沉默的羔羊 as bgm, we flew the cards in the air and grab whatever we can to determine our points. 

The geeky 大小games, fortunate (not) blackjack and not so artistic guess-what-I'm-moulding game lead up to the secret santa treasure hunt was a blasting good time! Winners got to sleep on a comfortable (but dirty at the end of the day) bed and enjoy breakfast (not so delicious). Most improtantly, we celebrated full strength in a way! All in all, I think we were fantastic to think of such celebration:)

Xmas with tbf :)

Celebration with JJ was spent at Hotel Re! where we slept most of my half day away (my company had a half day on eve but i was too tired to go party around in town so head back hotel to snore)

After dinner (Room Service), we were finally sober enough to head out! Clarke quay was happening! I caught Ginger bread man and snap a picture with him, with a caption from JJ "Ginger snatching my fiancee!"

We went to Iguana to have favourite frozen margarita:) 

Some pretty colourful fixtures in the hotel, it was a colourful themed venue as well. Suit the Xmas!

Xmas with Mr and Mrs Tan, JW

Last celebration took place on new year's eve where JJ and I got invited to Jowie's place for humble yet tasty dinner. We got hold of the Lava cakes recipe and started working on them! Felt quite good to have the cakes done yummily, aspiring housewife symptom 1. hehe!

 We came to realize that lava cakes go well with vanilla ice cream. Anyway, the following pictures made the ice cream look kinda.. not appealing, but the lava cakes were good we swear!

So that was my Xmas 2012:)

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