Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dive a day away, Dive dismay away

so this is a backdated entry of my recent visit to Tioman for a dive recce trip. My leisure dive buddy is no other than Mr. kenneth Goh this round! First buddy-encounter with this crapper, but it turns out well and probably one that can go diving with leisurely.

Kenneth and I at Mersing Jetty! Prior to this, i was totally lost at this National Park in Singapore to the extent that Yao gotta save me by giving me some directions. Pffttt 
Eve and me! The height and specs + hair makes us look like sister eh? hahaha my last Tioman trip before this was spent with her as well (she was taking her DM and i was taking my Advance. So darn long ago!) but this time round, we definitely click much better given the lean crew size and increased interactions. A nice reward from the trip!:)))

and guess who we met! VIVIAN AND RACHAEL! They were with another Dive co. that heads up to Genting while we stayed at Paya. Not Genting highland okay, its an island part in Tioman named Genting. =)

It was pouring heavily when they arrived. Rach and me were too elated to be able to fit into the kids size poncho ha!

Before they rushed off to catch their ferry, a group photo! P.S: we were amongst the first to reach the jetty but a pretty TV host was caught in the jam so Vivi left earlier to catch their boat:)

Taken at wee hours with our black/blue frame specs

see the contrast? So happy that we are going diving!! black frame specs no more, replaced by black rim shades! YAHOO! sunshine babes and hunk FTW!

The group taking their Open Water and the two extra leisure diver behind hehe 
It was Adex week that we went, and so we thought we could have the entire island to ourselves since the whole dive community would have been busy at Suntec Exhibition hall. We were wrong about the prediction! Some strong player made a same guess and tadah! influx of divers to Tioman. Nonetheless, we were all joy-injected with this Celeb trip and leisure dive + catch up trip!

We didnt take much photo on first day since the OW students need to clear their skills before we could really play, so these were taken on our last dive on Sunday hehehe see we are not that cam whorish keke

No giant stride, so did a backroll!

Me in blue shorts and the rest behind me! All waiting to descend for more wonders:)

I Think this is at Renggis IF i'm not wrong. Newly planted treadmill! new fishes may home this sunken equipment in months to come. Will check it out the next time I'm back:D 
Oh yea this is the season where black tips (shark) are spotted as habitants at Renggis. I spotted 2 at a mere 6-10m dive close to the shore! Alas they out-swam Kenneth's camera speed so no pictures this round:( Kenneth saw Reef shark too, but i missed that, probably trying to blow a ring bubble playfully while he was busy spotting sharks hahaha but hey, i found a moray eel under a rock, some Nudis (okay Tioman nudi are soso, spotted the normal ones) and a well camouflaged hermit crab! Hermit was cute! 
Credits to Kenneth who took this profile pic for me!:)

Group photo! Kudos to Agape Dive for the responsible trainings conducted :)

While we get the students to wash up, pack and lunch, we skipped our lunch and headed up to Rock fall for some fun! Kenneth was busy packing and cleaning the camera, housings (yes he brought 2 to test) and strobe lights setting etc, so he wasn't captured in this episode sadly. 

The water is COOLING! clear spring water with strong gushes of rapids fall on me that I almost topple over the natural seat on the rock. See how happy Mr. Ngiam was to complete his coaching and behaved like a kid. hahah What a gentle giant

After this, we went off to catch Ramly burgers and Tioman styled Ice Kacang, Sedap! (Sedap = good in Malay) 

So now you have been wondering who is the celeb. Tadah! Belinda Lee! She IS REAL HOT in person, perfect figure! We were trying to stall some time for Eve and SJ but some miscommunications let the two chaps miss the photo taking opportunity. Awww

How wonderful she is!:)

Some thinking en route to business sculpturing: the only constance remains as changes. I hope many years later when I look back to where I'm standing now, i hold no regrets but a bagful of cheerios and memories. :)

Mt KK prelude: It was a fulfilling trip whereby we got to know more friends now! Wasn't quite looking forward to it prior to the trip, but now I guess it was a right move to sore the legs=) Used to think Mt KK is a longer version of Bukit Timah Hill. hur hur hur, it is 875892750 times more challenging than that! waiting for more pics to be in before i go on with a post long of updates. Keep a look out!:)

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