Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photo Bomb

and here I am after 3405724052 days of disappearance with a bagful of pictorials for sharing!

Prelude of P H U K E T! 
Grabbed some photos I have on hand. The inconvenience of not having a good camera on hand. Needa invest in one soon! Canon S100!
Particularly like this pic of Xanny and the birthday girl hahah cute!

When the rest of us arrived at Phuket:) Trio

and so you see, it was a bunch of divers at Phuket!

Outings and Happs
More outings were arranged after the trip and the following ECP escapade is a mere mention:) 

Wow Eve so zai! blade like a boss, and ride a bicycle with blades on like a pro! ;P

Trio in Sg. Also, the 2 wheels gang:D

The 8 wheels gang!

His virgin trip on 8 wheels yo! Coincidentally, it was Han Yong birthday and he happened to be at ECP! However, given our speed with the "rookies", we missed wishing him well wishes in person. We actually treated Vivian to Seafood International at Big Splash after this to compensate the lack of presents during the Phuket celebration. A wide and well spread of seafood that is reasonably priced! Or probably because we had 10 people to split the bill hahha

Oh! Btw my iPhone lomo lenses are here! going on a photoshoot spree with Krystal and her lomo camera one sunny day and gonna upload more stuff here:D Meanwhile, you may want to follow @huimineology at instagram! 

Before the ECP trip, we visited Jacqueline at her place and made breakfasts with her waffle making machine! We made them from scratch and did up the rest of the add ons - Hashbrowns, sausages, sunny side up and mushrooms! yummy! We had it at her in-house patio under the super hot weather but all's worthwhile:) SLURP! 

The decorated plate:)

Just sharing another piece from my instagram loots:) That's my bangle btw, with my Pooh and Bear bag as the backdrop.

Recently, the talented bf has successfully expanded his business and met up with lots more potential clients. Me? Followed him around with my lappy and work off my macky air! PS Cafe serves yummylicious salads and sandwiches while he business-talked at Starbucks:) Really proud of him to establish the website design biz and reaping sweet success from his works. Good job tbf! Since mine is a humble blog, I didn't get him to do anything to it. You may refer to jjtan.sg for more web designs details! 

So here we are, at Canele! trying to act natural and have a nice side profile picture but yea yea this is what happened when two jokers try to take pictures. Nothing decent but a load of candid laughing model shoots. HAHA ok not model but you do get the drift I hope:) (Only uploaded one, don't wanna bore anyone with the narcissistic self) 

I thought this picture is nice! With good lighting and backdrop minus the spy who tried to peep at him through his Straits Times:) hehe

In our eyes

Had Pool session with the upcoming divers to be, great job!

As usual, I'm on my lappy under the sun at the pool:)

Followed few cats lovers on instagram lately and saw this! SO CUTEEEEE! such a seductive cat with that pink sash! @nala_cat 
Speaking of which, I always wonder if I were a cat in my previous life. I'm attached to fishes as food-on-plate, attracted to the live fishes in the natural aquatic fish bowl when diving, connect better to cats than dogs for sure and admire cats' diary to dog's! see here!

There are two cats fighting outside my house as I type, and we have been trying to lure them down FROM THE RAILING! we are all at the 10th storey and my mum and I were dead worried about the two fighting cats. ok nuff said. Going out to lure them in again! 

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