Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Inaugural Event

So that explains, the first event of Life Acmatic was successfully done! Was really glad to receive some encouragement from choonie, and the words from kind friends who were impressed by my delivery and public speaking, and the acknowledgement of the burst of energy.

种种的成功失败,别无选择;堆堆的人生经验,得来不易。Will persevere the zest and march forward with greater pride:D

More pictures are available at this link

Pal had actually recommended me to his director for an executive role in his communications company. That's really sweet of him, I have this sudden urge to ace the interview and return to the work force and keep Life Acmatic alive on a side line. hehe not giving up yet don't worry! Your channel of activities string will not be disconnected yet=D LA will still function as planned. Just that Papa Neo's medical expenses have depleted the medisave a bit and i thought it's always good to keep the Medisave afloat for my unforeseen illness and my mum's future needs. Little insider stories that I can't share, but I believe one path leads to another. I will return, stronger:)

Met up with B****a Yao and Coolie Pio after the event day to have a proper catch up. Feels good to have such gathering once in a while to catch up about lives. Our dear friends are going HKG! whoohoo! and I will be heading to Mount Kota Kinabalu while they are eating wan tou sek. hahaha but I believe those are their well deserve breaks for selling their souls away month after month.

To my #1 blog fan, we are in plans to save and target to celebrate our friendship with ya in 2013! However, short vision friends like us can only confirm details nearer to date since we are unsure of our next month location 9-to-5. hahaha In any case, we are preparing hehe I want to see the ginormous fish tank and enjoy the "sand scrub"!

比较,是为了提升自己,而不是自弃自怜;不比较,是为了知足常乐,而不是逃避区别。事事都有平衡点,这也不例外。 这,也是我督促自己的不二法门,请自己牢记在心!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Two is better than One

That means, the lovebirds are celebrating their first anniversary! A hard-to-forget date of 321 (March 21) that we celebrated the end of singlehood. Alright, not going to showcase the mushy flushy things but again, singles who are placing way too much attention on career, reach within the soft side of your heart and you will feel the same when the right one appears! Stop dreaming of living alone as we all knew you may not want to be so if given a choice:)

The diary-blog wasn't ready for Vday, but we did minimal celebrations looking back. Some unfortunate event happened and so we overlooked on the celebration altogether. Guess we reach an age whereby morning messages or routine texts are not that important anymore. We give each other ample trust, breathing space and independence at work and in doing things. Not exactly unromantic yet, but we adore such mature relationship much as most of the emotions are heartfelt after each meet-ups/trips/events.

So, that being said, I thought the celebration will just be a simple dinner affair but nono, he went to book a room in Siloso Beach Resort simply because Hot mama Farena mentioned about the awesomeness of it! (okay we booked the wrong room though, not the exact romantic one she said i think LOL but all the same to me since the companion was GREAT!)

We checked in after work and arrive at destination slightly after dinner time.
All dressed up for the awesome dinner following suit
Doesn't hurt to take another pic with our faces more framed in:)
Outfit of the night!
Nice smile dude!

We had dinner at this italian restaurant located within RWS, named Palio. They are this semi-fine dining place with AWESOMETASTIC BREAD that is freshly baked! It's heavenly when paired with the balsamic sauces:) The best thing of all, their prices are not as shocking as i thought it would be, their usual main course or pizza range from SGD 26-30ish.
The salami platter that captured his appetite
Fantastic mushroom soup. The mushrooms are so well blended that you cant even see it! and oh how the croutons always do the great job of bringing the soup flavour out=)
Pizza freshly baked from the brick oven!
Seafood pasta with al dente finishing
tadah! that's the oven that produced all the mouth watering food! We headed back hotel to catch some shows and fell asleep soon after. Before that, the IT savvy bf presented his card to me ^-^ in the form of.. DRAW SOMETHING! that's kinda sweet i thought, to draw the past events since we got to know each other:) Don't wanna bore the readers with our live stories so yup! a new idea to surprise your gf!;)
We had brekkie beside the beach the next morning!
Half awake. He was going to work after lunch lol!
Where we had our brekkie!smart me missed out bikinis while packing and so we pieced whatever few attire we had for the upcoming swim!
can you catch 风云?
The pool meanders a little and boy, i like the place:) The view was good when we first glance with our peepers! That ends our 12 hours celebration
The very night, i managed to catch Gerry for a quick dinner after her day's long hectic work. That explains her waist circumference. hahahh poor girl but yay managed to tempt her with pizzas but we couldnt finish our share with the mice's appetites lol!

Great hangout with great companions always bring joy to the day. Though certain trips are meant to be solo, Two, is better than one ultimately:)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Farewell to East Coast Mac

McDonald's not an unfamiliar fast food brand and probably will remain as my favourite childhood food. Few outlets that hold special meaning in my heart:

Bedok Branch
Where i grew up from

Kallang Branch
Where my dad used to bring me to when I was young and the place where fellow dunmanians hang out after school/after sports day/during lunch time on Saturday

East Coast Park McDonald's

Where Dunmanians hang out after 2.4km run for breakfast, teenagers reunion after a sandy outing at the beach or a day's long cycle trip in the park (to wash our feet and get some snacks!). Sadly, after 30 years of operations, the outlet is closing tonight 0000h. Nparks have exciting plans for Marine Cove Recreation Center (where ECP Mac is located) and operations will cease from tonight onwards.

ECP McDonald's is a place where many hold their fond memories at. First dates, Class outings, Drive thru, break ups, Chill-out area and overnight cycling trip destination. Though the toilet is not exactly the cleanest for visit, I'd always choose Mac toilet over others weirdly:) I guess that's due to the high familiarity we had for it.

Diving clique and I visited ECP McDonald's one last time last night!
The hungry bloopers
and Potato cravers. Btw Mac was giving away free blueberry melts but we were too full to have any
Forgot about my camera but i think iPhone wins my Fuji hands down anyway. The place was quite crowded and I bet tonight will be mad pack. We went to prawn after our objective of the dinner trip is met:)

Unknowingly, ECP McDonald's has become an icon and unofficial meet up location for many. It's so convenient to say "let's meet at ECP mac and rent bike after that!" or "Its further up from McDonald's!". So.. where can we meet now? :)

Despite the letting go of the oh-so-familiar place is painful, I suppose the future East Coast park will set another milestone for our next generation.

Goodbye East Coast Park McDonald's! We'll always have you in our heart no matter where you shift to in future! (Its gonna be nearer to BK or somewhere along the line, if I'm not wrong:))

My Genting and KL mini Getaway

So here I am, typing away on my Macbook Air for a recent trip! Before that, let me just blabber a bit on the origin of the trip plans.

The craziest thing I have done so far in my 24 years of life is to venture out on my own in terms of career and start a business on Life pursuing. I gave up a decent pay job and forgo some headhunters' intentions for me to jump ship to land myself in this flexible-timed job. Once heard on radio, you have to work on what you like in order to unleash your potentials and soar, yes I'm that easy to convince when comes to such Life-is-great messages :D

Attempting to inculcate my views on life - Be crayonic and life a life that is rainbowlic enough to reminisce - I started a company named Life Acmatic, which means at the highest point in your life! It just took off a month ago and I'm handling a lot of back end works as well as management stuff. Not easy I must say, but gonna persevere! Although the main objective of leaving the previous job was to take care of my dad, this serve as an alternative motivation to leave since I won't be having any income anyway, :)

People think that I'm like bumming but no I'm actually quite tied up with stuff that are involved for a new start up. So while handling these perceptions and workload, tadah! there comes the mini getaway! Besides, the bf's family needs a break as well so we decided to step on clouds to feel on clouds nine:)
Before setting off
So We set off on a Thursday night on Five Stars Coach. Boy, it was my virgin trip on Five Stars Coach!

Their seats are indeed spacious as advertised and we have a dedicated screen for movie watching/songs blasting/games galore for each seat!

*psst pardon me on the poor image quality as my 2 year old Fujifilm - a.k.a orangey, is failing as a point and shoot over time :(

set off to Yong Peng for a short break! - for foreigners who are not familiar with coach traves between Malaysia and Singapore, Yong Peng is a 'pit stop' where the long hours travelers take a break and have some bites before embarking into the long journey again.
He bought a SIM card for 45RM thereabout that caters for 4 days Unlimited Data usage! super good deal as it costs about SGD$20 only for undisrupted usage. He needs data plan badly for overseas as he works on the go btw:)
Ramly says Hi!
The petit and delicious Kaya Balls! 10 for 4RM at Yong Peng! slurp! we set off again after munching the foodie
Tadah! here we are at Genting, at unearthly hours where no Milo Peng is seen at the terminal
He worked while I tea-ed :) quite satisfied with this framing btw
we waited for quite a while before we get our room! Took this picture at the lobby, isnt this view what you yearn for after slogging a lifetime away?
Can so see that I'm dying soon from the lack of sleep!
WAH he is really muscular
View from our room! We gave that a miss for our beauty sleep:)
Happy Mario after catching many winks!;)

We were tooooooo hungry to snap the fantastic dinner pictures but we went to this mushroom farm for delicacies! Its a MUST GO if you're in Genting. They provide free shuttle bus, carplates are the same - 9110 or something like that, to and fro Genting hotels. We boarded at First World by the way. It is a mini van so do not fret if you can't squeeze up as the frequency is pretty tight. We had Ying Yong Cod Fish, Mushrooms spread, some chicken and something else and ALL OF THEM WERE FANTASTIC! order anything on the list and you won't be disappointed at all trust me!
Before hopping onto the shuttle bus again, captured this beautiful sunset on the high up mountain:)
We spent the night at First World indoor theme park and realise they are all family rides hahah an easy night for us before the shopping kicks in!
Chilled with his family at a bar with soccer match telecast before heading back to hotel
End our day 1 with masks! little insider info: I travel a lot for dives and other adventure (self assumed adventures haha!) trips since 2010, and realise the compact way of packing facial products are to do away with bottles of moisturizers and creams. Instead, bring masks along! easy to pack, very nourishing too!

His mum commented that he smiles oddly in previous take and he gave this funny look lol!
The one way ticket for KL trains! So unique that it reminds me of Mahjong chips :P
You tap in with it
and insert it into the 'coin slot' to exit! how cool
we head towards Dang Wangi to search for the famous Yut Kee for lunch!

The coffeeshop
Fantastic Sambal Fried Rice
Roti Babi
Lum Mee
Chicken chop. We couldn't afford the famous toast after consuming the above, wasted!
Thats my orangey and self painted french!
All for 37.60RM
We continued our walk and i caught this

A&W!! Before this we had suan pan zi (Hakka food) and mee hun kuay at a Hakka Restaurant located at B1 Pavillion. Again, forgot to snap picture! but the food is good:)

In case you wonder why my hair was always pushed to a side: i did a fail braid

We returned to Genting and the bf did some work after dinner while i magazined at a cafe;) We end our nights off in CASINO! my virgin visit to Genting Casino as well and yay we won some decent amount of money to cover our KL feast and shoppings! Indeed, beginner's luck works in Jackpot;)

Preparing to return home and decide to catch some pictures before heading off
My Playboy singlet bought from Flea market

Ending the post with a successful braid! yay!