Monday, March 26, 2012

Two is better than One

That means, the lovebirds are celebrating their first anniversary! A hard-to-forget date of 321 (March 21) that we celebrated the end of singlehood. Alright, not going to showcase the mushy flushy things but again, singles who are placing way too much attention on career, reach within the soft side of your heart and you will feel the same when the right one appears! Stop dreaming of living alone as we all knew you may not want to be so if given a choice:)

The diary-blog wasn't ready for Vday, but we did minimal celebrations looking back. Some unfortunate event happened and so we overlooked on the celebration altogether. Guess we reach an age whereby morning messages or routine texts are not that important anymore. We give each other ample trust, breathing space and independence at work and in doing things. Not exactly unromantic yet, but we adore such mature relationship much as most of the emotions are heartfelt after each meet-ups/trips/events.

So, that being said, I thought the celebration will just be a simple dinner affair but nono, he went to book a room in Siloso Beach Resort simply because Hot mama Farena mentioned about the awesomeness of it! (okay we booked the wrong room though, not the exact romantic one she said i think LOL but all the same to me since the companion was GREAT!)

We checked in after work and arrive at destination slightly after dinner time.
All dressed up for the awesome dinner following suit
Doesn't hurt to take another pic with our faces more framed in:)
Outfit of the night!
Nice smile dude!

We had dinner at this italian restaurant located within RWS, named Palio. They are this semi-fine dining place with AWESOMETASTIC BREAD that is freshly baked! It's heavenly when paired with the balsamic sauces:) The best thing of all, their prices are not as shocking as i thought it would be, their usual main course or pizza range from SGD 26-30ish.
The salami platter that captured his appetite
Fantastic mushroom soup. The mushrooms are so well blended that you cant even see it! and oh how the croutons always do the great job of bringing the soup flavour out=)
Pizza freshly baked from the brick oven!
Seafood pasta with al dente finishing
tadah! that's the oven that produced all the mouth watering food! We headed back hotel to catch some shows and fell asleep soon after. Before that, the IT savvy bf presented his card to me ^-^ in the form of.. DRAW SOMETHING! that's kinda sweet i thought, to draw the past events since we got to know each other:) Don't wanna bore the readers with our live stories so yup! a new idea to surprise your gf!;)
We had brekkie beside the beach the next morning!
Half awake. He was going to work after lunch lol!
Where we had our brekkie!smart me missed out bikinis while packing and so we pieced whatever few attire we had for the upcoming swim!
can you catch 风云?
The pool meanders a little and boy, i like the place:) The view was good when we first glance with our peepers! That ends our 12 hours celebration
The very night, i managed to catch Gerry for a quick dinner after her day's long hectic work. That explains her waist circumference. hahahh poor girl but yay managed to tempt her with pizzas but we couldnt finish our share with the mice's appetites lol!

Great hangout with great companions always bring joy to the day. Though certain trips are meant to be solo, Two, is better than one ultimately:)


  1. greetings from your (self-proclaimed) #1 blog fan~!! and congrats on 1st anni yay~ ur special day is 321...

    mine is 123. hahahhahha!! 12 mar.

    we will always rmb each others special day~!

    1. We made march do happening! Greetings from your #1 blog fan too!