Sunday, March 18, 2012

Farewell to East Coast Mac

McDonald's not an unfamiliar fast food brand and probably will remain as my favourite childhood food. Few outlets that hold special meaning in my heart:

Bedok Branch
Where i grew up from

Kallang Branch
Where my dad used to bring me to when I was young and the place where fellow dunmanians hang out after school/after sports day/during lunch time on Saturday

East Coast Park McDonald's

Where Dunmanians hang out after 2.4km run for breakfast, teenagers reunion after a sandy outing at the beach or a day's long cycle trip in the park (to wash our feet and get some snacks!). Sadly, after 30 years of operations, the outlet is closing tonight 0000h. Nparks have exciting plans for Marine Cove Recreation Center (where ECP Mac is located) and operations will cease from tonight onwards.

ECP McDonald's is a place where many hold their fond memories at. First dates, Class outings, Drive thru, break ups, Chill-out area and overnight cycling trip destination. Though the toilet is not exactly the cleanest for visit, I'd always choose Mac toilet over others weirdly:) I guess that's due to the high familiarity we had for it.

Diving clique and I visited ECP McDonald's one last time last night!
The hungry bloopers
and Potato cravers. Btw Mac was giving away free blueberry melts but we were too full to have any
Forgot about my camera but i think iPhone wins my Fuji hands down anyway. The place was quite crowded and I bet tonight will be mad pack. We went to prawn after our objective of the dinner trip is met:)

Unknowingly, ECP McDonald's has become an icon and unofficial meet up location for many. It's so convenient to say "let's meet at ECP mac and rent bike after that!" or "Its further up from McDonald's!". So.. where can we meet now? :)

Despite the letting go of the oh-so-familiar place is painful, I suppose the future East Coast park will set another milestone for our next generation.

Goodbye East Coast Park McDonald's! We'll always have you in our heart no matter where you shift to in future! (Its gonna be nearer to BK or somewhere along the line, if I'm not wrong:))

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