Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photo Bomb

and here I am after 3405724052 days of disappearance with a bagful of pictorials for sharing!

Prelude of P H U K E T! 
Grabbed some photos I have on hand. The inconvenience of not having a good camera on hand. Needa invest in one soon! Canon S100!
Particularly like this pic of Xanny and the birthday girl hahah cute!

When the rest of us arrived at Phuket:) Trio

and so you see, it was a bunch of divers at Phuket!

Outings and Happs
More outings were arranged after the trip and the following ECP escapade is a mere mention:) 

Wow Eve so zai! blade like a boss, and ride a bicycle with blades on like a pro! ;P

Trio in Sg. Also, the 2 wheels gang:D

The 8 wheels gang!

His virgin trip on 8 wheels yo! Coincidentally, it was Han Yong birthday and he happened to be at ECP! However, given our speed with the "rookies", we missed wishing him well wishes in person. We actually treated Vivian to Seafood International at Big Splash after this to compensate the lack of presents during the Phuket celebration. A wide and well spread of seafood that is reasonably priced! Or probably because we had 10 people to split the bill hahha

Oh! Btw my iPhone lomo lenses are here! going on a photoshoot spree with Krystal and her lomo camera one sunny day and gonna upload more stuff here:D Meanwhile, you may want to follow @huimineology at instagram! 

Before the ECP trip, we visited Jacqueline at her place and made breakfasts with her waffle making machine! We made them from scratch and did up the rest of the add ons - Hashbrowns, sausages, sunny side up and mushrooms! yummy! We had it at her in-house patio under the super hot weather but all's worthwhile:) SLURP! 

The decorated plate:)

Just sharing another piece from my instagram loots:) That's my bangle btw, with my Pooh and Bear bag as the backdrop.

Recently, the talented bf has successfully expanded his business and met up with lots more potential clients. Me? Followed him around with my lappy and work off my macky air! PS Cafe serves yummylicious salads and sandwiches while he business-talked at Starbucks:) Really proud of him to establish the website design biz and reaping sweet success from his works. Good job tbf! Since mine is a humble blog, I didn't get him to do anything to it. You may refer to jjtan.sg for more web designs details! 

So here we are, at Canele! trying to act natural and have a nice side profile picture but yea yea this is what happened when two jokers try to take pictures. Nothing decent but a load of candid laughing model shoots. HAHA ok not model but you do get the drift I hope:) (Only uploaded one, don't wanna bore anyone with the narcissistic self) 

I thought this picture is nice! With good lighting and backdrop minus the spy who tried to peep at him through his Straits Times:) hehe

In our eyes

Had Pool session with the upcoming divers to be, great job!

As usual, I'm on my lappy under the sun at the pool:)

Followed few cats lovers on instagram lately and saw this! SO CUTEEEEE! such a seductive cat with that pink sash! @nala_cat 
Speaking of which, I always wonder if I were a cat in my previous life. I'm attached to fishes as food-on-plate, attracted to the live fishes in the natural aquatic fish bowl when diving, connect better to cats than dogs for sure and admire cats' diary to dog's! see here!

There are two cats fighting outside my house as I type, and we have been trying to lure them down FROM THE RAILING! we are all at the 10th storey and my mum and I were dead worried about the two fighting cats. ok nuff said. Going out to lure them in again! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

All mums are lovely, with or without wrinkles:)

This was the yoghurt cake we had for da jie's birthday in April (Mango yoghurt cake) and this Mother's day (Strawberry Yoghurt cake). I must say, yoghurt cakes are more refreshing and less gelard, the interior is all filled with yoghurt yo! My present to my mum:) Btw this is bought at the basement of Katong I12, minus18C !

Tadah! this is the gift from Da Jie who is in Egypt now for her Holidays. She had arranged for a surprise delivery from the florist (i guess the bag is sold at the same place? else ya im not sure of her arrangements, I'm just a spy to receive the delivery LOL!) on Mother's day and my mama was shocked! priceless, but yay a heart warming Mother's day:)

My er Jie bought her a pair of expensive earrings, shared with dad, and made her a card.:) 

 Guess it's a memorable Mother's day as she is properly thanked for all her efforts in everything. For staying with us through thick and thin, raising the 3 fatties from a poor family, never-forsaking a man who had done wrong again and again, for always carrying a heart big enough to forgive the whole world, taking care of the sickly old man who once spent his live wooing her with his big lorry, and the list goes on. I'm glad that I'm not bounded by the office hours these months, as it gives me the opportunities to chat with my mum more frequently and learn how my dad met her, casted his net and sieved out the best of the best from the women. hehe! I'm always a Mummy's girl, and will always be one even when I get married one day. Another great present this year, JJ's presence at dinner table!:) 

Had lunch with JJ's parents as well, and it seems to me that the family seldom celebrate such occasion, probably due to the small family size. Not anymore! Shall get them cakes and treats when occasions greet us:D 

While we are happily celebrating Mother's day at dining table, we're not going to forget 舅母who is fighting the battle in JB. We visited her few days prior to Mother's day, and I'm glad to accompany my mum during the entire journey. Showed her the way to JB via public transport, and recalled how worried  I was the previous week when she was taking the route alone. She took a longer route, but less complicating. Hence, I took the opportunity to show her the short-cut and rested at this KFC outlet in Malaysia when we finally reached! 

 The Nasi Ayam KFC version hehe!

Reach the hospital, and realize it is quite run down. Or probably, TTSH was too well furnished. Despite the outlook, i heard the hospital is great in terms of their medical aspects as compared to some private hospitals.
The pharmacy area
The best thing of the hospital is, IT IS LOCATED BY THE SEA!!!! sea view hospital yo, near JB custom and City square too.

I see how a big family unites when something happened to one of us. When the news escalate through the generations and families, many make a trip down/up to JB to visit the aunt who has given up all hopes. Without any instructions, everyone contacted each other and set an impromtu roster to take care of my uncle, and release him from the duty when he needs a rest; or simply ask the next batch of visitors to buy some snacks that he can consume within the Hospital that only allow Halal food. Some cousins even went to his house in Kluang just to clean the house for him since auntie had been sick for 2 mths. No one ever asked for any returns, simply because we - are - a - family. We reminded each other about the ang pows, that signify auspicious events that will come along with the "red paper". Traditional ways of showing their well wishes with practicality (money for tonics). Auntie is now waiting for the day that she can consume food, and that will mean she is recovering well. Right now, she is still on drips.

Recall how these relatives rush down to Singapore when my dad was hospitalized, and not a deliberate comparison, but my relatives who reside in Singapore (paternal) weren't as prompt when come to such events. I blamed it on the raising cultures difference, but i always have this unspoken inclination towards my maternal relatives. No intended comparison, I love my family all the same, and thankful for everything that comes along. 

We clinged to our mums when we were infants, toddlers and kid; find them irritating and naggy when approaching the teenage and adolescences stage; wanna break free from them when we reach 21; and finally wish to return to the them when we are working in the cruel society, getting married, giving birth or when their healths are showing red lights. We always run away from a place call home, but realise it is the place call home that we want to run towards. Treasure your mum, they are truly precious:) 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


The topic dawned on me since early last year when my mucus and phlegm bleeds for unknown reason. Have been visiting the doctor since, just to clear the doubts on nose cancer suspects for reports show that I do possess higher chances of contracting one compare to normal people. This doesn't defeat the love life inspiration, instead, it spurred me on to travel and try new things more than any of the past 23 years.

Not an entry on any of the travelogue, but the tinge of grey colour in the midst of my self-deemed colourful lifestyle. Be it warm colours, cool colours or neutral colours, they form an irreplaceable piece in my life for each colours bring a total new lesson to life, live life, and love life.

I had a casual chat with Krys few months back when Meiyun's mum was battling with cancer for the last bit and we concluded that cancer is a new-era flu. Casting aside those celebs cases, cancer patients whom I have connection with have easily crossed 5 and nearing 10 in this mere 24 years of life. Some are fortunate to win the battle and I'm truly glad for them, but some unfortunate ones left with a glory battle-history.

Thankfully, Krys mum is recovering well and still carry her jovial-charisma with her.

All i wish now, is the ever doting 舅母 gets well soon despite the tumor spread. I still keep the mickey jeans you bought for me in Batu Bahat when i was in my teenage years btw:)

Touched down from Phuket yesterday and was greeted by bad tummy runs till now. Temperament shivers and fever hits come and go, coupled with body aches and worst of all, right nostril bleeding (mild one though phew). Though i do hope to shed some weight from this minor mishap, I pray for pink health to stay with me till ripe age. The entire episode on cancer just send shivers down my spine as I imagine the scenes of my funeral. Like, who will burst into tears and speak incoherently after taking a last look at me, who will reminisce the good old days spent together, who will think of me when chance upon a sight or song and the list goes on. I don't wish to have this imaginary scenes coming into reality as i still wish to get married, have a feel of having a baby growing in me, see my kids grow, get irritated by them, see how my kids turn into fine young lady/lad, tell them the great stories about their grandmother, hold my husband's hands while i climb down the stairs at the age of 60 and hug the memories to sleep eventually. 20 odd years, will be way too short for me.

That being said, my friends, please do take care as I cherish each friendships we hold, no matter where you'll be.

生老病死是人生的必经之路,希望一切来临时,我能坦然接受。我,Love Life. *showing the handsign for L*

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Labour day, Ubin day!

So the title says it all. We went Ubin on Labour day! Supposedly a DMC alumni + partners outing, but with all the well trained pilots we were left with the Huimins and their manly guards. Not to forget a pleasant surprise from kenneth who managed to join us last minute after his midnight shows!:)

Huimin and JJ!
Looking at this picture, I gave some nods to comments that both of us look non-Chinese:) The exact comments from Mt kk residents hahaha

Jacky-Huimin and Mr J!
One of the best colleague I can ever asked for, I miss the good old times and savoring the current taste of sweet friendship 

Mr. Hippy Kenneth yo!

A group picture taken by passerby A, a teenage boy who was there for a tan i supposed lol!

Act yi ge I-rode-a-long-distance

act yi ge this-is-my-bicycle

act yi ge standing-in-front-of-my-bicycle

act yi ge trekking-partners lol! well captured picture without the stuff that gives us away hahaa

jump jacky jump!
happy friends! 

HUIMINs unite!

The weather recently was a tad crazy honestly.. it was an insane 35 -38 degC! We soon gave up our trekking plans and surrender to the drawing power of air con. We had a mahjong session after Ubin, and spent the humid burning day in the cooling room paired with sparkling ciders! yippie! realise that we didnt snap the picture of our lunchie? too hungry to bother about the pictures hahaha

 I captured these two sunset bands through my room's peepers. So east of Singapore does produce such pleasant views of dawn. It warms my heart a little while typing my work away earlier:)

Counting down to my Phuket trip with a bunch of very-ons crazonic friends, somehow I'm quite hyped about it:) pure leisure dives with this bunch of experienced divers, we should have some crazy fun! I'm actually looking forward to a dive trip with Mt KK peeps too, they should be equally crayonic!

Look back at things, I'm glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone when I was 22, and started this trend of colourful lifestyle with diving, volunteering, wakeboarding, trekking and more. I'm sure I'll be proud to share my life philosophy with my descendants 10-15 years later, and sculpt a lively next-generation in time to come! Susan, a peep known from Mt kk, and her hubby are true inspirations. They continue to dive, bungee jump, hike and do everything under the sun despite having 4 kids at home. They even brought them to Dayang for a dive trip! A very vibrant family which inculcate the deemed-right lifestyle to the kids. I will be thankful if I were the kid!

Nuff said, gotta pack! Enjoy the weekend peeps! =)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dive a day away, Dive dismay away

so this is a backdated entry of my recent visit to Tioman for a dive recce trip. My leisure dive buddy is no other than Mr. kenneth Goh this round! First buddy-encounter with this crapper, but it turns out well and probably one that can go diving with leisurely.

Kenneth and I at Mersing Jetty! Prior to this, i was totally lost at this National Park in Singapore to the extent that Yao gotta save me by giving me some directions. Pffttt 
Eve and me! The height and specs + hair makes us look like sister eh? hahaha my last Tioman trip before this was spent with her as well (she was taking her DM and i was taking my Advance. So darn long ago!) but this time round, we definitely click much better given the lean crew size and increased interactions. A nice reward from the trip!:)))

and guess who we met! VIVIAN AND RACHAEL! They were with another Dive co. that heads up to Genting while we stayed at Paya. Not Genting highland okay, its an island part in Tioman named Genting. =)

It was pouring heavily when they arrived. Rach and me were too elated to be able to fit into the kids size poncho ha!

Before they rushed off to catch their ferry, a group photo! P.S: we were amongst the first to reach the jetty but a pretty TV host was caught in the jam so Vivi left earlier to catch their boat:)

Taken at wee hours with our black/blue frame specs

see the contrast? So happy that we are going diving!! black frame specs no more, replaced by black rim shades! YAHOO! sunshine babes and hunk FTW!

The group taking their Open Water and the two extra leisure diver behind hehe 
It was Adex week that we went, and so we thought we could have the entire island to ourselves since the whole dive community would have been busy at Suntec Exhibition hall. We were wrong about the prediction! Some strong player made a same guess and tadah! influx of divers to Tioman. Nonetheless, we were all joy-injected with this Celeb trip and leisure dive + catch up trip!

We didnt take much photo on first day since the OW students need to clear their skills before we could really play, so these were taken on our last dive on Sunday hehehe see we are not that cam whorish keke

No giant stride, so did a backroll!

Me in blue shorts and the rest behind me! All waiting to descend for more wonders:)

I Think this is at Renggis IF i'm not wrong. Newly planted treadmill! new fishes may home this sunken equipment in months to come. Will check it out the next time I'm back:D 
Oh yea this is the season where black tips (shark) are spotted as habitants at Renggis. I spotted 2 at a mere 6-10m dive close to the shore! Alas they out-swam Kenneth's camera speed so no pictures this round:( Kenneth saw Reef shark too, but i missed that, probably trying to blow a ring bubble playfully while he was busy spotting sharks hahaha but hey, i found a moray eel under a rock, some Nudis (okay Tioman nudi are soso, spotted the normal ones) and a well camouflaged hermit crab! Hermit was cute! 
Credits to Kenneth who took this profile pic for me!:)

Group photo! Kudos to Agape Dive for the responsible trainings conducted :)

While we get the students to wash up, pack and lunch, we skipped our lunch and headed up to Rock fall for some fun! Kenneth was busy packing and cleaning the camera, housings (yes he brought 2 to test) and strobe lights setting etc, so he wasn't captured in this episode sadly. 

The water is COOLING! clear spring water with strong gushes of rapids fall on me that I almost topple over the natural seat on the rock. See how happy Mr. Ngiam was to complete his coaching and behaved like a kid. hahah What a gentle giant

After this, we went off to catch Ramly burgers and Tioman styled Ice Kacang, Sedap! (Sedap = good in Malay) 

So now you have been wondering who is the celeb. Tadah! Belinda Lee! She IS REAL HOT in person, perfect figure! We were trying to stall some time for Eve and SJ but some miscommunications let the two chaps miss the photo taking opportunity. Awww

How wonderful she is!:)

Some thinking en route to business sculpturing: the only constance remains as changes. I hope many years later when I look back to where I'm standing now, i hold no regrets but a bagful of cheerios and memories. :)

Mt KK prelude: It was a fulfilling trip whereby we got to know more friends now! Wasn't quite looking forward to it prior to the trip, but now I guess it was a right move to sore the legs=) Used to think Mt KK is a longer version of Bukit Timah Hill. hur hur hur, it is 875892750 times more challenging than that! waiting for more pics to be in before i go on with a post long of updates. Keep a look out!:)