Thursday, May 3, 2012

Labour day, Ubin day!

So the title says it all. We went Ubin on Labour day! Supposedly a DMC alumni + partners outing, but with all the well trained pilots we were left with the Huimins and their manly guards. Not to forget a pleasant surprise from kenneth who managed to join us last minute after his midnight shows!:)

Huimin and JJ!
Looking at this picture, I gave some nods to comments that both of us look non-Chinese:) The exact comments from Mt kk residents hahaha

Jacky-Huimin and Mr J!
One of the best colleague I can ever asked for, I miss the good old times and savoring the current taste of sweet friendship 

Mr. Hippy Kenneth yo!

A group picture taken by passerby A, a teenage boy who was there for a tan i supposed lol!

Act yi ge I-rode-a-long-distance

act yi ge this-is-my-bicycle

act yi ge standing-in-front-of-my-bicycle

act yi ge trekking-partners lol! well captured picture without the stuff that gives us away hahaa

jump jacky jump!
happy friends! 

HUIMINs unite!

The weather recently was a tad crazy honestly.. it was an insane 35 -38 degC! We soon gave up our trekking plans and surrender to the drawing power of air con. We had a mahjong session after Ubin, and spent the humid burning day in the cooling room paired with sparkling ciders! yippie! realise that we didnt snap the picture of our lunchie? too hungry to bother about the pictures hahaha

 I captured these two sunset bands through my room's peepers. So east of Singapore does produce such pleasant views of dawn. It warms my heart a little while typing my work away earlier:)

Counting down to my Phuket trip with a bunch of very-ons crazonic friends, somehow I'm quite hyped about it:) pure leisure dives with this bunch of experienced divers, we should have some crazy fun! I'm actually looking forward to a dive trip with Mt KK peeps too, they should be equally crayonic!

Look back at things, I'm glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone when I was 22, and started this trend of colourful lifestyle with diving, volunteering, wakeboarding, trekking and more. I'm sure I'll be proud to share my life philosophy with my descendants 10-15 years later, and sculpt a lively next-generation in time to come! Susan, a peep known from Mt kk, and her hubby are true inspirations. They continue to dive, bungee jump, hike and do everything under the sun despite having 4 kids at home. They even brought them to Dayang for a dive trip! A very vibrant family which inculcate the deemed-right lifestyle to the kids. I will be thankful if I were the kid!

Nuff said, gotta pack! Enjoy the weekend peeps! =)

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