Monday, April 29, 2013

Mask On, Regulator on, Let's Go! - Prelude

So, the title explains, and the bunch of us are getting ready to have a diving escapade!

The pre-holiday clearance of work is ausual chore, but never fail to be happy doing it since what welcome me ahead is a truckload of freedom:D

Alright, ending my half day soon, and off we go to the airport. Till then, take care and have fun!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sentimental Sunday

Throwback Thursday? Flashback Friday? well, just having a sentimental Sunday! 

The annual Free Cone Day initiated by Ben & Jerry's took place last week with thousands of people queueing from 12pm-8pm at selected locations. How can we not be part of them when one holy booth is located right below our offices? We expected the queue to be the shortest given the slightly-out-of-the-way-to-students-and-public location and we were right! 80% of the queuers were people who work nearby;) Not that we are "Tamchiak", but ice cream cheers people up, and working on a Tuesday just means office population needs the ice cream badly since we are a little far away from weekend:P

While we are getting our satisfactory share of ice cream, a group of climbers were getting ready for their upcoming climb trip. 

The Mount KK climbers returned to the familiar site last Thursday. Wishing all of them a great and safe climb with this

Recalling the journey that took place last year, we set off at 6am to the foot of the mountain, and started our climb at 930am.

It was a long and meandering course filled with thousands and thousands of natural stairs. As we ascend, the breathtaking(literally) sceneries get better. It was a hell lot of determination to push ourselves when a sudden downpour came at 5km mark. The natural stairways were no longer in sight. What took over was gushing streams of brownish water and we just ran all the way, forgetting how sore the feet were. I call it, the survival instinct at work. (with lotsa flashbacks like as if i am gonna die the next minute)

Slept at 8pm, we woke up at 1am and ascended to the peak at 2am. Steep, dangerous, slippery, thin air, rope course, above the clouds, friendships, trust, unity were all that represent the summit climb. There were a couple of mishaps that happened, but I must say, the peeps made the whole trip a lot more sunnier and lovelier :) 

Throwback picture 2012

So anyway, I didn't get to climb this year as I almost exhaust my leaves with an upcoming wedding in December. Le beau went ahead though. Before their climb, he greeted me with his 6 pacs and I sent him my getup of the day with a sun too bright :) Boy, i wish i wasnt working, reallllyyyyyy

Views at summit? Well here you go!

The peeps are already back in hotel and have completed the climb yet again. Congratulations!

To end off, i miss December's weather. (sticking out tongue and fanning myself with my hand)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

March ended, but we march on

Time flies and in a wink of eyes, we are in April! Apologies on the rather slow update, but here comes the awesome unveil!

After publishing the upbeat entry earlier, I went into a pretty bad shape with the viral flu bugs. Top it up with unethical doctor, I nearly blow my nose off my face that week. When i was finally recovering, Mure sent me an invitation to Adventure Cove, a new attraction in Singapore Sentosa RWS, for RP family day! With our real hectic lifestyle after graduation years ago, our meet-up was heavily discounted. So, how could i reject good times with bestie? :) The umpteen double dates we had, and more to come!
A mandatory shot (we saw 39235932 pictures like this on insta, fb and twitter. Doing the norm!)
I look forward to more double dates to come. Legoland next!
We have a sweetie's birthday up at the end of March. Many celebrations were anticipated and she sure has a sweet sister who plans a whole list of activities to surprise her. Honoured to part of the entourage that delivers Part 1 surprise:)

We had an office mini celebration before the long weekend arrives, and had an economical good lunch at Medsz. As all of us are on diet plans, we ordered one slice of cake instead of getting a whole for the candle blowing ceremony. hehe!

Here comes the real surprise. Sister R contacted her beloved colleagues-turn-friends secretly and choped our time on Good Friday evening. All planned, we chipped in moolahs to get the sweetie a camera, Canon S110!!! DREAM CAMERA!!! good investment, best present! 

The surprise gang turned up at the neighbourhood at about 7-ish, and 'sashayed' our way to the block. Afte writing the 3rd card for sweetie, we squeezed into the lift and headed towards the unit. She was blindfolded, and got a shock when we sang the familiar tune in one united voice. Boy, that was sweet! We expected her to cry and all, but she was all composed and well controlled. Totally remind me of the proposal night when everyone expected me to cry as well, HAHHA ok i totally understand the feeling of how to not cry under extreme expectations haha! We camped at the place for a bit and had the most palatable vegetarian dishes whipped up by the extremely friendly mother of hers. Here you go for the pretties!  

Prior to the celebration, I was out at sea again! Doing what I have been missing for months - Wakeboarding! Didn't have as much fun, which rudely reminds me to choose my companions wisely. Despite so, i still did a few sets before we headed back on land. 

The last week of March was spent peacefully celebrating birthdays. Attended the cutesy twins' 1st birthday held at Aloha Loyang. All dolled up for the kiddos birthday, i had a few (ok not really few) selfies before heading out;)

Being a little shy at party, i only managed to capture one shot of the themed cake.

Someone once said "Love yourself first and everything else will fall in line" 
So, we shalt learn to love thyself more. Typing the Antonio's language makes me miss literature a little:P

Oh yea, in case you have yet gotten yourself a Starbucks  card in Singapore, you may want to do so soon! Just activated mine (last used was 2 years ago) and redeemed myself a free drink of any size! That naturally explains why the true blue Singaporean me got myself a venti size drinks! 

Atop of welcome drink redemption, you could order 12 drinks with the card and get the 13th free. Starbucks will celebrate your birthday with a cake and drink on the house during the birthday month too! Of course, one-time redemption only. The card will turn invalid if you leave it unused for 3 years.

As tall as my face, that spells greedy. hahah pardon the unkempt me

A lazy Sunday I've got here, Feeling totally like this kitty on the soft toilet roll

Simplicity outdo complexity at times
Stay tuned for upcoming Dive trip photos. Gonna head up Layang Layang this season!:)