Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sentimental Sunday

Throwback Thursday? Flashback Friday? well, just having a sentimental Sunday! 

The annual Free Cone Day initiated by Ben & Jerry's took place last week with thousands of people queueing from 12pm-8pm at selected locations. How can we not be part of them when one holy booth is located right below our offices? We expected the queue to be the shortest given the slightly-out-of-the-way-to-students-and-public location and we were right! 80% of the queuers were people who work nearby;) Not that we are "Tamchiak", but ice cream cheers people up, and working on a Tuesday just means office population needs the ice cream badly since we are a little far away from weekend:P

While we are getting our satisfactory share of ice cream, a group of climbers were getting ready for their upcoming climb trip. 

The Mount KK climbers returned to the familiar site last Thursday. Wishing all of them a great and safe climb with this

Recalling the journey that took place last year, we set off at 6am to the foot of the mountain, and started our climb at 930am.

It was a long and meandering course filled with thousands and thousands of natural stairs. As we ascend, the breathtaking(literally) sceneries get better. It was a hell lot of determination to push ourselves when a sudden downpour came at 5km mark. The natural stairways were no longer in sight. What took over was gushing streams of brownish water and we just ran all the way, forgetting how sore the feet were. I call it, the survival instinct at work. (with lotsa flashbacks like as if i am gonna die the next minute)

Slept at 8pm, we woke up at 1am and ascended to the peak at 2am. Steep, dangerous, slippery, thin air, rope course, above the clouds, friendships, trust, unity were all that represent the summit climb. There were a couple of mishaps that happened, but I must say, the peeps made the whole trip a lot more sunnier and lovelier :) 

Throwback picture 2012

So anyway, I didn't get to climb this year as I almost exhaust my leaves with an upcoming wedding in December. Le beau went ahead though. Before their climb, he greeted me with his 6 pacs and I sent him my getup of the day with a sun too bright :) Boy, i wish i wasnt working, reallllyyyyyy

Views at summit? Well here you go!

The peeps are already back in hotel and have completed the climb yet again. Congratulations!

To end off, i miss December's weather. (sticking out tongue and fanning myself with my hand)

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