Tuesday, May 8, 2012


The topic dawned on me since early last year when my mucus and phlegm bleeds for unknown reason. Have been visiting the doctor since, just to clear the doubts on nose cancer suspects for reports show that I do possess higher chances of contracting one compare to normal people. This doesn't defeat the love life inspiration, instead, it spurred me on to travel and try new things more than any of the past 23 years.

Not an entry on any of the travelogue, but the tinge of grey colour in the midst of my self-deemed colourful lifestyle. Be it warm colours, cool colours or neutral colours, they form an irreplaceable piece in my life for each colours bring a total new lesson to life, live life, and love life.

I had a casual chat with Krys few months back when Meiyun's mum was battling with cancer for the last bit and we concluded that cancer is a new-era flu. Casting aside those celebs cases, cancer patients whom I have connection with have easily crossed 5 and nearing 10 in this mere 24 years of life. Some are fortunate to win the battle and I'm truly glad for them, but some unfortunate ones left with a glory battle-history.

Thankfully, Krys mum is recovering well and still carry her jovial-charisma with her.

All i wish now, is the ever doting 舅母 gets well soon despite the tumor spread. I still keep the mickey jeans you bought for me in Batu Bahat when i was in my teenage years btw:)

Touched down from Phuket yesterday and was greeted by bad tummy runs till now. Temperament shivers and fever hits come and go, coupled with body aches and worst of all, right nostril bleeding (mild one though phew). Though i do hope to shed some weight from this minor mishap, I pray for pink health to stay with me till ripe age. The entire episode on cancer just send shivers down my spine as I imagine the scenes of my funeral. Like, who will burst into tears and speak incoherently after taking a last look at me, who will reminisce the good old days spent together, who will think of me when chance upon a sight or song and the list goes on. I don't wish to have this imaginary scenes coming into reality as i still wish to get married, have a feel of having a baby growing in me, see my kids grow, get irritated by them, see how my kids turn into fine young lady/lad, tell them the great stories about their grandmother, hold my husband's hands while i climb down the stairs at the age of 60 and hug the memories to sleep eventually. 20 odd years, will be way too short for me.

That being said, my friends, please do take care as I cherish each friendships we hold, no matter where you'll be.

生老病死是人生的必经之路,希望一切来临时,我能坦然接受。我,Love Life. *showing the handsign for L*

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