Friday, July 6, 2012

New phases

Went missing for the past one month as I was busy adapting and participating to/in a couple of new phases:)

Let's start with Mingli's wedding! The first official random prime is finally in. Recall how we were all excited when in our teenagers years about having bf and gf included in the clique to make our 7 pax a grand 14 pax? Well all the hype died off when the group starts to drift apart due to differences in work and life commitment. However, the wedding made all those juvenile talks alive again and we lived like a kid for that one memorable day, as though we never got drifted apart before. 

From now till forever :)
Mingli and me, bride and bridesmaid!
Krys Me Qi. The pretty from Random Gang. Oh boy, how we are so grown up!

While waiting for Mingli to Shang Tou. :)
LOL! Mingli trying to accommodate my height
 Skipped the photos that show the torments (for the bros) to save the demure image of us girls.
Me and her sis, removing the pins for the groom and bride

Random minus bride, ledon and fred!

Random gang group photo. Will be nice if fred and ledon were around
 Dinner function
The meows~!
Me and Bai mao, wei qi! 
She damn ons! Qi actually has an exam on Monday but she flew back just for Mingli's wedding. 

The never die friendship since 5:)

Bride and me again!

Dunman High mini gathering. Nice catching up with Ben!
 Texted Mingli few days after her wedding. She was telling me she misses home, her bed and her parents. Not that her newly built home wasn't good, it's just the sentimental self acting up but I must say, she managed her tear flow well on the wedding day. I can so imagine the free flow of tears when I get married off! haha.. Anyway, blissful marriage to you my friend!

So, I've finally started working again! I just had my 'full month' in the new company. It feels surreal but yes I'm back to workforce and quite love what I'm doing now. My colleagues are SUPER funneh! Basically, I am being amused by various jokes everyday and I like the harmony in the office. Where on earth can a deputy GM and various managers behave like classmates with you and live everyday hilariously? Even our GM is spontaneous enough to perform at an upcoming event. I had a lot of fun coordinating the event with the assistance from our superb colleagues, who never fail to brighten up our day from time to time. Though bit stress now, managing internal preps for events while supervising external vendors for delivery, I enjoy what I'm given now =) For once, I think 830am-6pm is not unbearable and I don't count down to after work. A photo grabbed during our recording at a studio! 对面的女孩看过来,特别客串!

Not forgetting my Life Acmatic, Below are some pictures from the few trips we had. More photos to be found at our facebook

Quite into framing and photography lately, do follow me, if keen, at instagram @huimineology ! Not a pro in photography yet so leveraging on the instant photo edits haha Below are the raw photos for admiration :)
无间道 in Tioman

Usual sight, unusual feel. 

After a day's of dive, the sun is celebrating life with us

Before departing the island, Tioman gave me a sight of beautiful sea 


Serene and me!

We caught imposer Lin Feng on board! Oh btw, that's my D6 dive com! whoo hoo!

Wakeboarding day, able to control my directions well now!

Turning in

Hello, I can cross waves now! Next up, small jumps over the waves!

My favourite photo of the day!

Serenity :)

To end off, Here's a picture of my favourite cat on instagram!! @nala_cat

Have a great day everyone!:)

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