Monday, August 6, 2012

Where I belong

I've never given the question a serious thought as I've always think the answer is simple, I belong to Singapore. I dare to say that I've always been patriotic to my home country that comes with a history rich enough to unite the people. Though politics come into the picture and divided the nations at times, i still believe singapore is the one and only home. Not to go into details, the focus of the entry is, where I belong.

I've willfully chosen a path that I thought its good for me, to hold on to life acmatic, work with friends to bring the business to life and settle for a near wonderful job minus satisfactory basic pay (the annual package compensated for the dollar values but, it means I will only feel the joy once every 12 mths. Not contented I call it, problem lies with me). Little did I realize commitment levels play a vital role in all businesses and we can't expect the same from everyone. For instance, the commitment level in events hutch drastically thrown facts in our faces that I have to end it before friendships get soured. I'm glad all is intact and we still live happily ever after.

A business that deals with end consumer is never easy, it's even harder when customers are lack of basic courtesy. A learning journey. Apart from that, all is good and we have been dealing well with small earnings and big contentment from the friendships made with customers.

Time flies and it's August now. If I was to end LA now, it means the full time job I am holding now is not relevant anymore. The dream of having 2 events to cover up the few hundreds pay cut from expectation will not gonna happen, and I may need to move on from an officer title.

Relocation is not a bad idea as my parents understand working overseas better than what i am dealing with in LA. They have all the comments to get me to end it. Parent work the same way, they raise us up, expect us to earn big bucks and give them pocketful allowances when we work. I can't afford the old time allowances I used to pay, and that is kind of a disappointment to them. They are not young anymore, senior citizens to be exact. I hope I can provide for a better silver days for them.

If not for relocation, I may just stay put at where I am now as colleagues there are really way too wonderful. They are the strongest magnets to make me feel contented and work my way around.

So end of the day, where do I really belong? Fickle Is every women's middle name. Haha

I think I belong to the sea.

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