Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Hair Affair

I spent one of my free days (self awarded no-work day) watching YouTube to pick up some tips on washing make-up brush, eye shadow application and hairdo make-up! So here I am sharing some successful tries!

1. Messy bun look - easy to manage, quick to do up. I will opt for such look whenever I have bad hair day or when I'm in a rush! Doesn't minus the glam at all
From the front
The top
The side (bit blur)
The back (could have comb tighter for the bottom)

2. French braid - finally got it! Cute look for picnic and summer / spring look

The Front
The back (yays!)
The Front-side
The sides

3. Clip your fringe with messy finishing - for a night chillax look:)

4. Clean bun look - for removing make-up times (if ppl were to candid shot you, you will not look messy!) and when you don't want your fringe to irritate you.

If anyone wishes to know how these were done, just YouTube search it! Else can let me know if you need the link from me! ;)

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