Friday, April 6, 2012

Belated happs

Testing out this new app that I've just downloaded! Technology is amazing, we can blog on the go whoohoo! I have a new pastime while waiting for my dad at polyclinic or hospital now. As compared to shopping on Gmarket app, this is more cost saving hiak hiak;)

Btw, wheel chair bounded is not exactly so bad afterall, we got priority queue at crowded polyclinic and that saves tons of time! Yay!

Quite a fair bit of happenings lately, shall update a full blog on our wakeboarding session when I get to my macky-air:)

Recently, I went to smith's authentic british fish & chips with jj, and snapped some Pictures with his big ass Samsung galaxy note!!! Samsung's display is damn amazing, all pictures just look nicer and sharper and richer on it, this ex Samsung supporter is getting all jealous now haha!

See that superb capture of the blue sky and shop front below? hmm! And that glass of beer with all the details from the bubbles, and the little snacks we bought at I12 katong! Hehe

A surprise visit by Tony, who was back for a few days before his dive at Maldives. Is Maldives disappearing soon? Seems like he is the 4th group of friends visiting Maldives this year! Shi Jie is heading up in July for his dives, I must so plan for mine in the next two years!

The Brudda (jj and tony) caught up quite a bit after our mahjong session, and ended up at timbre after our dinner at Okinawa food place at B1 Liang court. The food was superb but I forgot pictures when all I think about was food for the famished soul ;) oh yea, finally seen the legendary boyfriend from good fellas, lol!

Going for SYF display band competition later! I was so involved in symphonic bands back then that I didn't quite get to see display at all. (except the compulsory trip to national stadium to watch the then syf in primary 4! U guys remember? Hehe and P5 we got to watch NDP preview, cheap thrill but yay got goodie bags with little toys back then!) shall try to insta few pics later, I think de Yi is performing, whose display band was gold with honor (if I'm not wrong) previous round. FriendSssss' school is in as well! Bowen sec alumni, I will be your spy Ahaha ok i'm supposed to cheer for Springfield, Where my free tic comes from :)

Alright! Time to fetch my dad, till then, au revoir!

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