Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Virgin trip to SYF display band & Dirt Biking

Took quite a bit of photos for the display band 2012 competition, but guess it will only be wow if you watch videos of it. Was discussing about display bands with my erkem self proclaimed secondary school friends hahaaah

They were telling me how grand it was when the competition was held in National stadium. The bands were very powerful, drum majors were being idolized and they did formations to impress. Nowadays, bands use American march and they only do patterns instead of formation now. Meaning, we used to see the people forming tower, planes, tank, guns etc but now its just circles and impressive marches etc. Bands back then used to fight for the glory of championship as the winning band would get a chance to perform in NDP that was held in National Stadium as well. Things have changed, National Stadium was supposed to tear down when I was in Secondary school, but it is STILL around. Not sure what our go*ernment wanna do with it seriously, the place that holds much memories!

Anyway, the ever impressive bands are usually Bowen, De Yi and TK. Cedar Girls used to champ, but withdrew after that. TK won it this year again, with this massive impressive flag flown over the ground! (Not sure if they will get sued as I thought SG flag is not supposed to be used anyhow. We even need to get license for events to use it LOL)
Such an arty pharty Saturday, I had an adventurous Sunday!

Dirt Biking was a surprise discover and we just went ahead with the event. Cool huh!

The desert alike place
Pio riding like a bull!
We look photoshopped, but i like this pic!
The 3 musketeers!
Me with my bike hehe
The other comrades!
Serene's Profile Pic to be!
Riding away!
Iphone works miracles when paired with strong and good natural light:)
Where we hung our lunches lol!

After dirt biking, we had a little time left and went to City Square for dinner and snacks. Dinner @ Nando's where prices are the same as Singapore, but charged in RINGGIT! Like wise for my purchase of nail polish in Face Shop and bites from Auntie Anne's!

Realise bubble dyes are so much cheaper in Malaysia Watson's, I shall bring a bigger bag or drive a bigger car next time to carry back those contact lens solutions and hair dyes!

Going for a dive this Friday before a trip to Mount KK next week. I feel like an adventure girl now lol!

Catch my next post again!:)

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