Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Geek in the pink, not

Feeling geeky and wanna pen down some thoughts, without pictures. Not pink cuz I didn't mix my red laundry with white, but wearing blue while typing away in case you wonder!;)

Have been chatting quite a bit with Fel lately and I feel that she matures further (mentally) after marriage. Her wise words never fail to hit me and grows goosebumps on me. The inner world of planning a wedding, the hiccups along the way, the traditions and customary knowledge, the moment when it Belongs to just the two of you. I enjoy listening to the sharing and always looking forward to what she has got to say!;) signs of aging: love to listen to others experiences more. Haha! But I truly appreciate her existence and listening ear:)

I feel strongly when I read about statuses or posts on celebration of marriage, 17th anniversary and even appreciation of mothers. I may have read these before for the past many years, but to read those again before getting married, I can't help but let tears well. So the mom one goes:

At 3: I love you mummy! I wanna stick with u!

At 10: you are very old fashion leh, tsk

At 18: I wanna get out of this house, I hate u

At 25: you were right mum

At 30: I wanna go back to my mum's

At 45: mum pls be healthy, don't leave me

At 60: I miss you very much

See, how not to cry! Currently at the bench mark of 25, can already understand most of it.

And I feel loved recently by the individual girl friends who supported me without a second word, in short, always ready. Sometimes it's not the number of years, but the depth of the friendships. Doubts and bickers, laughters in joy. We've walked through all, love, we all enjoy!

Alright it's a super random post, just wanna end my paragraph with: 感恩:)

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