Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why march gotta be awesome

Despite spending some of our work days looking like this

Or harbour thoughts like this while dealing with some stinky in life

Or simply wish to be that cat or teddy as long as you touch the bed at 9am every weekday

or hating your diet because you wanna get rid of those extra pounds and you can't eat a skinny bunny

I must say, march is still pretty awesome!!

First of all, bonuses are coming in! Our industry is having some bad times right now, or at least we are sorta hit, but our bad times shouldn't be as bad as other trades. So, it's still worth looking forward! say yes to more moolahs! :) Though i think i still miss out a huge pie before i joined the company last year.

Secondly, there are danceworks shouting out on the streets this March again! Didn't manage to catch the full show, but i definitely look forward to open category with more polished moves and grooves.

Next, we have LONG WEEKEND at the end of March! and we gonna fill it up with wakeboarding and chalet for Divers. Gosh, time passes way too quickly and before I knew it, it gonna be Friday in a few minutes soon! Mahjong line-up awaiting yo! (In case you are not from Singapore, Mahjong is rather common past time for young and old here ;) healthy gambling provided you don't bet your finger nails or chest hair in)

Well, work wise, I'll have 1001 rants if we really wanna type it out. I don't like culture that advocates sit on things for as long as the chair could take. There is no real PR or marketing per se, everyone is a mere instructions taker. I'm not delivering things that worth a drop of ink on it. Career suicide, but at least I learn mistakes from others cuz life is too short to make them all myself. Spotted some arrows shooting at my direction recently, or in local term, 'backstabbing'. Not too shock as it's not life threatening and I know the person just wants to make herself/himself looks better, so no kill. Probably PR firm performed its worst to make me appreciate the current bimbo act that tickles. I do have my flaws too, gotta believe more and suspect less probably (in terms of work) hehe Just some rants, I still enjoy the great company at work. Outside work, everyone is a kind soul. All grumbles and hatred in work shall be left in office, everyone should still be friends outside office as people here are mostly great hangouts:)

My wish?

hhahah yea if I could sleep on a marshmallow that will be great hehe! Ending with a cuppa at Robert Timms with my beau;)


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