Sunday, September 28, 2014

Taitrepreneur Bakes - Milo Cupcakes!

I know it's kind of shameless to call myself "taitrepreneur", but I can't think of better way of putting my semi tai tai days with the small biz that I'm running now, heh! 

Being a taitreprenuer means I lead a tai tai life (wakes up at 9am daily, make brekkie for loved ones - oh my hubs owns the company and start office at 10am - work on stuff and high tea with whoever available) and do a business that I like, such as crafting and buying pretty things for happy occasions (refer to For The Wedding!) =D 

Leaving "Life of a Taitrepreneur" to future post, I would actually love to share a recipe that I've discovered online! I was trying to cultivate more wifey qualities and started baking in March or April. I must say, baking is kinda therapeutic! To see the batter holds and rise, and being edible of course:D

Not a superb baker to begin with, I settle with recipes that are more dummy proof. I've adapted the Milo cupcakes recipe from Nestle and modify the ingredients to my hubs and in laws' liking. They like the cupcakes more chocolatey, so i've pumped up the Milo powder. The Nestle recipe is the simplest I've seen by far, and every ingredients listed are available at home! That's the most ecstatic part for lazy bakers =P 

140g All purpose flour (sieved)
75g MILO powder (adjusted to 120g)
200g Sugar (adjusted to 160g)
½ tsp Baking Soda
¼ tsp Salt
140ml Hot Water
125g Corn Oil
2 Eggs

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C.
2. Combine flour, MILO powder, sugar, baking soda, and salt, and mix well.
3. Add in hot water, corn oil, and eggs one at the same time. Mix well until all ingredients are well combined.
4. Pipe the mixture into the muffin tray (lined with paper cake cups).

5. Bake cupcakes in preheated oven for 20-25 minutes. (fill each cups to 2/3 full and bake for 23 min - different oven works differently. So trial & error with yours!)

Marshmallow Icing 
Adapted icing recipe from another blogger call "Bake for Happy Kids" as the Marshmallow icing seems interesting. Would love to try her version of milo cupcakes one day, just that I need to stock up more ingredients. I think my Swiss bride dive buddy did try though, and it turns out great I recall! 

Ingredients (in blue are comments from original blogger)
½ tsp vanilla extract (I didn't add this)
120g granulated sugar 
80g golden syrup 
1½ tbsp water 
2 egg whites

Put the sugar, golden syrup and water into a pan and cook on a high heat for about 2 mins until the mixture thickens and turns golden (the soft ball stage).

Whisk the egg whites until soft peaks start to form. Then keep beating while you slowly pour the hot sugar mixture into the bowl.

Continue beating but at a higher speed until the mixture becomes thick, glossy and cool. Add the vanilla extract towards the end.

This icing is easiest to work with while it is still a little warm, so try to use it right away. You can store it in the fridge overnight - but beat well with a spoon before reusing.

Note: This amount of icing is too much to ice 12 cupcakes but I reckon that half of amount of the recipe might be difficult to prepare. 

Milo Cupcake with my virgin rose swirl icing, with Daiso piping tips! It died after 2 roses though

I've discovered more recipes for lazy bakers (like myself), shall take time to share them as well once I get the pictures done. What a good way to document the recipes for my own reference. ^-^

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