Sunday, May 12, 2013

aMAYzing May

I am back! 

ok i shall contain my excitement in regards to Layang Layang till I finish the dive trip entry. Pending photos from the clique to make the sharing more complete, but i have some of the land photos up on FB:D Not forgetting friends on instagram, i have been sharing on and off the what I deemed as beautiful pictures. Check it out at huimineology!

Layang Layang definitely sets the tone right for the month of May. Pretty cool dive guide of my age, superb dive friends (new and existing) and perfecto holiday makes the trip a wholesome holistic one. What lacking was JJ :) 

That aside, more to be shared in the dedicated entry, May is the deciding month for a new journey ahead. I love to believe that:

Life is an adventure. If you miss the adventures, you will never know the world. 

I have decided to let go of comfort and head off to somewhere more challenging. There is something that excites me unknowingly, I couldn't pen down the thoughts properly now but I am sure to share when I am ready. 

On a side note, my #1 blog fan has been missing home much. Proud of you to station yourself at far-away Middle East, overcoming waves and waves of hurdles and survive home after so long. Recall a conversation we had prior to her out-station, we said:

"If you miss your opportunity, you will only regret in time to come and keep looking back to mumble
[what if...]; 
On the contrary, if you have tried but return empty handed, you gonna look back and mumble
[at least...]"

I am pretty inspired by our home-brewed conversation, and gonna pin my beliefs on a sticky board (double securing the beliefs heh). Just to give myself a pat on the back, I think i have been dealing with life pretty well, took good courage to walk a little out of life to understand more about it. Still incessantly seeking more adventures, I will make sure I bag home a dreamland of youth to reminisce when I reach a ripe old age. I will never forgive myself if I were to stop living while I still breathe.

Speaking of breathing, I should seriously consider taking more organic food to further lower my chances of having cancerous cells forming up. Check up wasn't all negative, but it's always better to prepare than regret. :) I have a lifetime of things to complete and I am not ready to leave anytime. Thankful for the still-positive results that surface from my blood test.

So what's more for May? 
Well, it was MAY's birthday during the trip; Kat is getting married next week; and Jac getting married the next; ex-classmate got pregnant after her wedding last year; it's Mother's Day today; I've settled my 4 dian jin for marriage; met up with Mure... So how will May end off? well, it will conclude with my wedding gown fitting:P 

Sorry, it's only the beginning of May, so not too many photos yet (except Layang's, but that gonna be saved for the entry!). When I close the chapter for May 2013, I will include more photos for the tired souls. 

Sneak peak of my favourite photo from the trip (Taken with nothing fantastic but my iphone 4):

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