Sunday, June 9, 2013

Off They Wed to Faraway

So I have tendered my resignation in the month of May for a brighter prospect, hence have been rather busy with completing as much work as I can so that my dear teammate won't be suffocated before the replacement comes. Shall leave farewell entry till I really bid goodbye this Friday.

The title explains it all; my friends got married and moved to far far away! Coincidentally, I was the emcee for both wedding affairs;) 3rd time this year!

I knew Kat back in 2010 when I took my open water dive course, in Pulau Aur. Together with Vivi, we stayed in a double decked bed room with her then boyfriend. Not wanting to feel awkward in the middle of the night if we wish to pee, Vivi and I requested to sleep at the bottom deck with a lame reason: "ermm.. my legs are shorter so can I take the lower deck pretty pleaseeeee?" hahah and that leave quite an impression apparently;) She was the one who provided for our ever first tampon usage  too, memories!

Of course, some catch-up done with my divers, mostly who went Layang too!

Here's one with my dive buddies all these years!
Vivi: Open Water. Ken: Tioman leisure. Clem: LAYANG!

How far away is she? Well, she has married herself to a Swiss, sweety Swiss bride now reunites with her Suave Swiss groom!:) All the best to your exciting endeavours ahead. I believe technology will shorten our apparent distance virtually. Miss ya loads babe!

My favourite events pal got married! I'm an east-sider and we used to cab home tgt after late night works. We can't do that anymore as she is blissfully residing in the far away direct-opposite west! Well, to keep things optimistic, at least we are all in Singapore still;)

Her trying to create the photoshoot feel with flying veil. The most candid and one-of-a-kind bride I've ever seen!:)

Wishing the girl who share same Chinese name and identical new-last name, eternal bliss at faraway west! *flying kiss*

Both weddings were attended by Vivi and myself, which makes it a probable reason for her picture collage. 3 years and going strong, may all the good things come your way and be the next in line to be wedded!

Ending off with some features of awesome pictures on instagram:

Soon to be back with more updates!

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