Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cafe Craze

There is an unspoken craze about cafes in Singapore in recent months and I have read/seen entries on various blogs and instagrams regarding some awesome experiences. A little lag in following suit, I just started out my expeditions recently. 

On a random Sunday after a night's long Mahjong, Er jie and myself got our asses off the couch and drove to Changi Village for Choke full of Beans

The foreign waitress spoilt some of the good experiences when we arrived. The place was packed and we left our details at the waiting list. Crowded as it seemed, there were two empty seats at the bar. The couple before us didn't take up the seats and so my sister and I were told that we could proceed to the seats if we don't mind high stools. When we were about to settle down, the same waitress came along and stopped us and explained that she hasn't asked the couple before us if they wanted the seats. She then chased us away. It was pretty awkward and we thought we don't deserve such moments. So we moved off without making a scene. To our horror, when we return to the cafe 5 minutes later, our names got cancelled off the list! When being questioned, the same foreign waitress just smiled and seem to not understand what was going on. Her colleagues quickly took over and show us to our seat, guess what, IT WAS THE SAME SEAT WHERE WE GOT CHASED AWAY. So that was how our first visit started off, ugly. 

Despite the bad start, the food and beverage experience wasn't too bad, though food was only mediocre. Seldom do barista have coffee art on iced drinks, but I had mine decorated with distorted Hello Kitty (something i don't fancy). Giving them benefit of doubt, I guess the ice and straw might have caused the distortion while being served. My sis got a Hamtaro though. Drinks were to my expectation:)

I would say, the place is still a pretty good chillax place, I was probably unlucky that morning but things should be fine on normal days.

The following week was well spent with my muscleman where we started off with Chinatown's gem, The Loft Cafe.

It's located off Smith Street, opposite Tong Heng Confectionary where they sell mouth-watering egg tarts (beside Maxwell Food Centre). If you are taking a train, alight at Chinatown, exit from Smith Street exit A and walk straight to the end of the stretch. The Loft Cafe is located on level 2, above 南洋老咖啡

I prefer The Loft over Choke full of beans though. They don't do fantastic coffee art, but rather abstract drizzles of Choco syrup on my all time favourite iced mocha. It taste awesome anyway! The price range for their food is pretty reasonable, with food pleasant to the taste buds and serving enough to shut the growling stomach up. Their bathroom was located at level 3, where there was live band set-up and chairs. I believe that wasn't available in the day, but will sure return one evening to check that out. Oh! they have iMac station available for net surfing as well! Well, that doesn't look applicable to locals, but there are quite a handful of tourists spending some time at the couch looking for directions to their next destination. Thumbs up!

Alright, not very eventful, but that pretty much sum up my cafe visits these few weeks. It's Monday tomorrow, brace yourself for yet another week!

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