Sunday, June 30, 2013

Farewell is not the End to a Friendship

Daily office affairs are like the happenings on battlefield. You see how your comrades drag the wounded-you behind the barrels to shun the flying bullets; and how your smiley mates turned against you when the grenade is going to blow. You get the drift yea? Despite the danger, the soldiers marched on and received what come may. Simply because, you can't avoid battles whenever you are on the field. Take it positively, competition only comes for the competent. If you are being challenged, it means you are worthy to be an opponent.

In the different courses of work, I have made fantastic colleagues-turn-friends along the way. Of course the shrewd ones still exist, but the craziest pals in office stole most of the limelights from the daily hoo haas. :)

I just bade goodbye to a super friendly working environment few weeks ago.  Leaving somewhere comfortable definitely was the toughest fight. However, the silent yearning of challenges got the better of me and I chose to go for something a 25 YO would go after. I was afraid of settling in for comfort as the underlining meaning may be "becoming less competent". I came from somewhere that delivers high impact works which drove streams of satisfactions, and that may be the cause for not agreeing to certain work measures in my last boarding. I am still looking forward to serve a true leader just like how I met one in my first job - charismatic, knows what he's delivering, familiar with his expertise and work just the way subordinates will respect.

The journey was like schooling: you meet awesome people who cheers with you, bitch with you, cries with you and dance with you, but when it comes to project work, certain friends may not be cut out to be a fabulous project mate. That doesn't mean the end of friendship if you know how to handle with care, that just mean certain friends are not meant to work together. I'm proud to say, I have met a whole school of awesome friends and project mates in this part of my journey:)

I delivered my last event on my very last day, so as to avoid leaving office at 6pm weeping and kissing goodbye to all the familiar things/people ('cause I was fighting back my tears when one friend left the company, and swallowing my cries when I hugged a colleague goodbye one day before my last day) That worked though! 

Alright, enough of the texts, let pictures take over instead. (I have too many photos for this office of peeps, so selectively gotten some:)

My messy corner
 The staring war between hamburglar and doraemon!:D

Farewell Gift: Agnes b name card holder and a generous Ang Pow with handmade card

Lunch Khaki 
(ok downside of having events on last day is: you don't have enough time to take pictures)
(not full strength some more)


I will always miss the most random stuff we did, like making Tee shirts, covering our cutesy with jackets saying 'brr it's cold!' in the middle of the night, or running after ice cream man just to get our childhood tastes, and the #bkkcraze! too much to pen down, I'll recite in my heart instead:) ANJJ!!!! (ai ni jiu jiu)

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