Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What's cooking in September?

Had fun playing with lanterns with my childhood mid autumn festival playmate last week!

I recall, that our mum would prepare lotsa relevant food items like mooncakes, tea, pomelo and some yam-taste yet horn-look food to offer to the gods on this festival. Yes, i'm from a traditional family that preserves such diminishing culture and I'm feeling proud of it:) if my mum doesn't practice this, how would I even know about the rooted asian culture? :) so, while she was busy with the praying and all, my sisters and I will take wooden sticks and paper lanterns out from the cupboard and started lighting the candles. Our kind of joy was to decorate our many potted plants along the corridor with lanterns but always ended up burning a few :P 

When I grew older, I started celebrating the festival with friends whom would meet at the park and play hide-the-candles. Two groups would play the game with one group walking off to a designated pavilion and walk back to the original meeting point, while the other group would take the time to melt the candles bases and stick in amongst bushes, between slides, at side of see saw etc. the group walking would always walk very fast so that the other group had no time to hide all 10 candles hahaha in case you are wondering why didn't we just text each other when ready: this happened in early 2000s where carrying a cell phone wasn't all affordable for kids yet. I was in lower secondary back then. 

As I grew older, I would spend with closest gf by using candles to decorate the ground saying friends forever Etc, or to celebrate with the then bf.

Then time flies and here come my last mid autumn festival spent at home. I was totally emo the entire year (yet all excited about the marriage) cuz I'm gonna spend the simple festivals with another family after this year's. 

So the best way to wrap the festive season is to spend it with the celebrations' origin: family:) da jie was not feeling well and parents think they are too old for lanterns so that left my er jie and me. Had fun reminiscing the past while reliving the moments, dreaming about future while chatting the present; and managed expectations while we build wish list. At our town's very own reservoir, bedok reservoir, we patronized wawawa bistro while played with our cuteay lanterns. Of course, with two girls around and smartphones, we snapped quite a few pictures! Check them out on instagram.

I will miss my sisters always, and will definitely come home often :'( :)

Here's one for the lanterns:)

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