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Mayday Ignites Our June

I grew up listening to Chinese Pop. When there was no cable TV, channel 8 was my best friend and I can safely say that I am a TV kid;) 

I knew Mayday from channel [V], whose programme of 封神榜was aired on Channel 8 in the 90s. The ever first song that caught my attention in this MTV-music ranking show was 疯狂世界. After which, the next best impression took place when I reached 12 yr old (year 2000) and they got to go serve the nation. There was this advertisement that featured their 展别演唱会VCD, and they showed the humbly-dressed boys at an open air concert, asking weeping fans to go home as there was no more encore for they had finished all the songs that they had. Somehow, it left a very deep impression in me. 

As i progressed to secondary school, I started to listen to their songs in proper. Having myself educated in a Chinese School where Higher Chinese was made compulsory and surrounded by Mandarin speaking friends who loved singing as much as I do helped to escalate the lyrics understanding and appreciation to a sky high level. Boy, I never feel disappointed listening to their songs, as the lyrics are always reflecting everyone's inner world. I was then convinced to listen to their songs whenever there is a new album. Wasn't a Rah Rah fan, but more of a silent listener who likes the way the are, the bonds they shared.

I admit that I was a huge fan of Jay Chou during my secondary school times, and his songs accompanied my growing-up phase; but Mayday was part of the elements that grow with me too. Jay Chou's albums have fantastic lyrics by 方文山, where he paints a beautiful story with great usage of words that suit the poetic songs. Oh yes, they were very useful for my 造句too!:P Mayday's lyrics are written towards a more modern writing-style, where the combination of few simple words draws attention to big ideas. 

Why Mayday? Well, that's because their songs unleash the rebellious us in a positive way; because their songs push us out of our comfort zone and give us strength to pursue things that seem absurd but leave us no regrets after doing it; because their stories give us hope that we only live once, and got to make it real interesting so that you'll never think you wasted a lifetime doing nothing; because their never-ending concert surprises make you wonder, wow they are now here, what's next for future concert?; because they are significance of inspiration, motivation and realization;因为五月天带来的,是热血,是执着。是青春,是永恒。

I found this in my old blog which lifted a paragraph from Krys' old blog back then:
在人生的交叉点,往往有个十字路口。它留了四条路,无论选择了那一条路,都要不顾一切的走下去,哪怕是走错了路。。。true enough, we choose a route through analysis or gut feel without knowing what's in for our future. 哪怕途中发现另一条路比较顺畅,你还是要硬着头皮让你选择的这条路更加亮丽=)

15 June 2013 - Singapore Indoor Stadium
On a lighter note, we went to Mayday's concert - 诺亚方舟 last night! I attended the concert with my best concert companion who also went through the same growing up phases as me. We have too much in common, that we share the same laughing point, even though no one seem to understand what we are laughing at. Safe to say, my lifetime concert partner!:D

Singapore was the last stop and they are heading back home today. I attended the Outdoor Stadium concert in Singapore years ago, and i must say, the concert last night was 10,000 times better! The concert was scripted and the flow fits the theme. The animations featured JJ Lin, Jerry Yen and Ariel Lin. The audience was each given a Mayday Light Stick. What awed ALL OF US was how the lightsticks were controlled by a central station! When the first song was being sung and all of us were waving our light sticks to the tempo, the sea of blue (which represents Mayday) was switched to red to suit the song at chorus all at one go! We were all surprised! They could even make the unison colours turned alternate to create the colourful effect! Ok enough for the lengthy entry. Let the pictures speak on behalf!

一片蓝,一片五月天的蓝。阿信on stage

If you wish to witness the magical moments in the concert, some fans have uploaded the video clips;) such as this.

There was a guy who planted his friends with a big board "MARRY ME?" at the exit. Everyone was busy snapping photos and looking out for the female lead. Look at the paparazzis! haha anyway great ending to the night!

Features of the entry (some from mine, some from other fans):

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