Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Twenty Thirteen

How time flies and then disappears with 2013 being concluded officially. Not too late to reflect on 2013 and usher (ed) 2014 with much grown heart:)

2013 is definitely a life changing year. It has been tough yet kind, a year that I am glad it all happened. I didn't get to do much exciting things this year, but still managed to pull the highlights together for this post heh

Apart from having internship with Singapore Zoo's Marketing back in late 2000s, TPS was my one and only employment in big company with multiple departments and levels of hierarchy. I always think that small companies allow your capabilities to be better showcased with lesser chain of commands, hence better outputs with more justifiable rewards. With that, I chose to close my chapter with a big family of loves and fun, to march towards a more exciting career line-up before I am forced to give it all up when I have a kid. I often look back at the joys i had working in big companies and still miss working in larger environment with a lot more colleagues, but I know the friendships and bonds can be led to new levels moving on. 

Layang Layang trip was my one and only dive trip in 2013, it was da bomb. details in previous entry:)

The star highlight of the 2013 must go to the change of status from Miss Neo to Mrs Tan! I was looking at my New Year Resolutions in 2010 and 2011 (realized I had skipped doing so in 2012) and boy it feels so nostalgic looking at the younger me! I still miss 2010 very much, the year that I thought I grew up the most and learnt how to love myself/life better. I was wishing upon spending my next Christmas with someone dear to me then, and I must have been a good girl in 2011 for I got to thank Santa for having the then bf appearing in my life. It wasn't the kind of love-at first-sight relationship, but as the time passes by, the love and bonds just got stronger. An older post explained our relationship in short: Two is better than One 

2 weeks into my marriage now, I'm still pretty in the honeymoon bliss^-^ Though i need to do more washing and cleaning than before, cook more often and to be more responsible in the things i do, I enjoyed this new phase of life very much now. I will work doubly hard to keep this bliss and mindset intact, and look back in time to make it a happy marriage reminder:D will do a separate post on my wedding day soon!

2013 seems short, yet it had the exact number of days as other years. Probably all good things happened in a blink of eyes. 

In 2013...
- I learnt that dream has a special power that makes you leave comfort zone in search of challenges;
- I learnt that someone whom you may adore/look up to throughout the career life can be a different person over the years. Disappointment is beyond words, so let go and move on;
- I learnt that love is unconditioned. Do it with all your heart;
- I learnt that family is the wealthiest assets one can have; and
= Life is an adventure. If you miss the adventures, you will miss the world.

I look forward to fill 2014 with more adventures, more trips, more meanings and more love:) HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!=D

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