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特务Jiemeis' Mission: My Hens Night

Backdated entry, better late than never!

Bachelorette's Party is traditionally (not so tradition afterall) a farewell to singlehood for a BTB or GTB. While there ain't any hard fast rules of dos and don'ts to the party format, people often make use of the chance to do kinky stuff on the stars or get the stars to do the kinky things themselves - probably planting some naughty ideas to spice up their legal bedroom activities eh ;) Some parties take after a luxurious/relaxation style with spa treatments, nails pampering and a sweet pyjamas stayover with hundreds of pretty balloons hanging low. You may even opt to do a close door party if you would like! 

To be honest, I didn't expect myself to have one back then. I was tied down by 2 consecutive weekend events 2 weeks before my wedding, leaving me with 1 pathetic weekend to breathe before marching down the aisle. When my Da Jie asked about my bachelorette party, I simply shove the idea and said "I don't think I have one". 

<Insert below expression into the sentence LOL!> 
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I wasn't exactly upset with the thought of not having one, but certainly felt sad for not having a 'da-bomb closure' to my singlehood. So if I really want one and went ahead to organize it myself, I thought it would be even sadder. Overall, I was just like a sour grape towards those who had one. 

To my surprise, the Jiemeis were secretly brewing a plan beneath their sleeves! There must be a reason why they are 特务Jiemeis. HEHE! This was what happened:

14 Dec 2013, Saturday:
I made an appointment with a nail parlour on this date, but Cels wanted to meet me for a HTHT.  I thought that's nice cuz we haven't been having one for quite some time since we left TPS. So she met me for lunch and we headed off to do nails together. Something happened and I need to change my nail parlour at the eleventh hour, so we bus down to somewhere east and delayed the plans (of which I wasn't aware of). I must say, she contained her exclaims and emotions quite well to have me blinded throughout!

Finally on our way out of nail parlour, Cels said she needed to pass some gifts to an overseas friend and got me on cab with her. Well, I was a little puzzled as I don't recall she mentioned any overseas friends before, but did not raise my suspicions and followed suit. For some reason, we were transported to one level below her friend's room and got to take the stairs to the right level. Her 'friend' then asked her to wait for him at the staircase where he would open the door from inside (some security design) while i was being positioned away from the glass peep hole so that I won't see the 'friend'. 

So finally the staircase door was opened, the friend ran as fast as the legs could take him (or her in this case). Alas, the 'friend' was too nervous and inserted the room key upside down, causing delay to the exit plan. By then, I already saw Mure's back view, and exclaimed, ISNT THAT MURE??! hahaha so surprise came 2 seconds earlier and when the door swung open, I was greeted by my beloved Jiemeis and their set-up!

What couldn't be captured here was the fairy lights. So thoughtful can these people! I'm sorry I didn't shed a tear AGAIN (I didn't when Muscle Man surprised me at Taiwan with a proposal) but hey, I WAS REALLY SUPER TOUCHED!!!:) One can't measure the level of excitement through strings of tears ya. hehehe

Jac was da woman! She even whipped up a storm singlehandedly! Special thanks to Ming Ming for the palatable Tiramisu!

Popping a champagne to celebrate 特务成功!

The pretty glasses Jac got for everyone. Naise!

The before make-up looks =D

What amaze me was that they even contacted Muscle Man to pack my LBD, make up necessities, undergarments and everything nitty that I would need for a stay-over. Krys even knocked on my mum's door to pack decent heels and more choices of LBD for the night! I couldn't stop counting my blessings to have these people around for my most important event in life. :) Too pampered already!

Time to transform and pick my duties!

What I've got:
1) Ask for a strand of chest hair
2) Creep behind random guys and sing 'like a virgin' in their ears
3) Get free drinks for all my girls and myself
4) Call every guy I see in a pub/club Norman and insist they are norman
5) Ask for a condom
6) Get 3 namecards
7) Order a drink at the bar with an accent of my choice
8) Ask for guys' number whose name starts with 'J', and they got to write the number on my body parts

Didn't realise I got SO MANY tasks to fulfill atop of selling the marshmallows to raise funds for 特务队 lol!

Now, time to gut up with alcohol, snap some photos and off we go!

Repeated pictures with different backdrop. I highly suspect Jac was drunk even before I started drinking, look at the pictures! lol! To clarify, she is naturally high;)

Off to the road!

Guess it was the last 2 weekends with auspiciously awesome wedding dates, it was REALLY happening at Clarke Quay with a hundred Brides-to-be doing their hens night together! Here's one of the many that we bumped into.

Thankfully for the crowd, it was a breeze to complete most of my tasks for many pub patrons were preempted by other BTBs prior to my arrival. For instance, before I made known my intention to ask for a condom without using the words 'rubber, condom and sex', they gave me one which a BTB previously sold it to them. Lucky night! Top it off, I made a small windfall with the group by selling my marshmallows hiak hiak hiak ;D Before I left, I advised the guys to change their aisle seats which made them vulnerable preys to BTB. It was so crowded at the walkway that night, anyone would pick the easiest table to perform their dares, at least for me! 

My free drinks came easy too. Many clubs were trying to get BTB troops in to the club for free that night, probably to attract more male animals into the clubs, and I got a round of free alcohol on the house! It wasn't too difficult to get chest hair and name cards either, for my get-up was too obvious to be doing a dare than anything else. We had fun calling people Norman insistently and spotting guys whom my girls would like for the get-your-number dare. See, so nice right, never forget to benefit my single ladies lol! Sadly, the ink just couldn't stay on my skin and I think after all, the guys weren't the single ladies' type. As such, I didn't get too many numbers that night and focus our ammo on selling marshmallows instead - we are a mercenary bunch. lol!! I think we earned a total of $48? The packet of marshmallows was well utilized!

To my surprise, Singaporeans are generally more game for such pranks as compared to foreigners. They are more willing to pay for the little gimmicks and be part of the fun. Foreigners are warm in greetings, but not the part on paying for something they can get cheaper at the market. Probably it would work differently if it was a condom. ;P

At the end of the night, I was pleasantly surprised by the scrapbook these lovelies had done for me. They even had Muscle Man, my Da jie and Er jie to write their messages inside too! The polaroids that were taken that night, were nicely pasted onto the pages too. Too much love! The gratitude I have towards these cannot be adequately represented by any words. This bunch is way above awesome.

Super shag look but the backdrop is nice. ;D

The power of 6 ladies in 1 room = a cosy long night chat that seems never ending till we dozed off one by one. =D

IMHO, I had a helluva hens night with perfect company. Thank you my Spies!

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