Sunday, March 30, 2014


and i am passionate about life. 

Been playing missing for the past many weeks (which piled up to months to be exact) as I'm busy prepping the works for up and coming wedding day planner start up;) It is indeed pleasing to know how the small little tips help engaged couples to iron out some planning woes and how some wild ideas sprinkle magic to the boring(usually) foyer activities. With the ever burning fire in wedding planning, I'm taking the baby step (not so baby after all) with the new start-up. Gonna keep everyone in suspense till we are ready to launch!

Have been busy liaising with the designers on logo, pantone code, name card printing, website design, samples making and up next, product photo shoot! Soon, the products will be in, and the excitement to dress up the reception with activities and the new-tech wedding running is beyond words. Detailed introduction of our services will be revealed once the "auspicious date" is set. hahaha (more like when all the leg works are done.)

So what's up with passions and life?

Well, I've left full time events work to take on free lancing project pitches and coordination for other events companies, so that I have more free time to plan up this wedding dream. More to that, I want to build up the business while I can afford the time, and sit back relax to earn my own money when a baby comes into Muscle Man and my lives. (No i am not pregnant yet) Early planning is always good, isn't it? 

Life has been quite smooth sailing. When I thought this could be tough at the beginning, free lance works start pouring in. Not pressing for money yet, I get to choose the type of works I wanna do, turned away those I'm not comfortable with and live up to my true blue taitrepreneur spirit (i'm madly in love with this term nowadays hahah).

It is really carefree to think that I take jobs on the go, build up a business over starbucks frappe, and high tea at uncommon time. More to that, I have 4 trips coming up till end of May! =D While some of you are cursing at the unbelievable lifestyle, I must remind all that this is a choice. I gave up my full time pay and benefits to exchange for a chance to walk the world (yes more trips and adventures to come), build a small biz I call my own, and take on suitable projects that I like. While I feel rich in life now, I may not earn as much as you do at this point of life. I'm just contented with what is in my pockets ;)

I hesitated at first, fumbled over my decisions, but later got firmed when Muscle Man gave that push. I hope I was equally inspiring when he left his sky high pay job for his promising branding company. Life is all about choices and contentments, I made mine, and gonna inject positivities into it. Doing good so far since everything falls into place nicely, now it's a matter of maintaining it.

Heading up to Mt Kota Kinabalu for my second ascend this lifetime, and will be back with more updates and hopefully pictures! Will remember to snap more photos this round amidst grasping for oxygen at the thinly-aired high altitude. Will reveal the next destinations bit by bit when things get more settled! I hope I get to New Zealand this year for some sky dive and farming experience! 

To those who are despaired over your work, got punched in the face by arguments or even those who just need a morale boost generally:
Do something absurd when you are ready. Walk the world and feel how rich you are inside out. Life is a choice, don't feel restrained by certain expectations. Outlive expectations, and you will discover a new self. Of course, do the above with responsibilities;) 

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